Tuesday, September 22, 2009

19 sep 09

louis n me
mei yian n me

same Xp

xin yi n me

me (take at da tou tie there)

Out side da tou tie there!

my cake

me keng wai n mei yiian

mei ling m me

my cake! banana cake xin yi say i like to eat banana so buy this cake


waaaa... big nai cha ~

so yeng lo onli see her eye~

go kl with frienz
(mei yian,keng wai,xin yi,mei ling,louis, catherine)
so happu rar dat tq u all^^

18 sep 2009

go out with my b~
do alot stupid things~
but happy la~
love u so much~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

17 sep 09

the cake izzit nice leh~

guess who birthday?

ya is he~

my buddy wish he happi always la~

and all ur wish come true~

he wan me make a wish~

nt my birthday also~


4 more day li my birthday~
lupa wat he name ady~
jz noe he call tikus

guai haur Xp

strewberry yumm~

king ho(dono hw to spell haha^^ sry ya pai se)

chuan yi~

i noe them wonr let me take pic so take like tat la~
(white shirt)

shankala(red shirt)

chun ping (black shirt)

feilou(white shirt)

my birthday persent~

tq all of u~

love it so much~

Monday, September 14, 2009


i dono y alot of ppls didnt like her~
but i like her so much~
she is cut3 pretty ....
can tell me y u dont like her?