Sunday, April 29, 2012

just some pic of mine

sry for didnt update my blog bz-ing with my assignment and ton of stuff
will be back soon and yes read all your blog des 

Friday, April 27, 2012

glitter French tips nail tutorial

sry for not posting that much recently
yes fin my exam but haven fin my assignment wtf - -
okie 2day post is about  glitter French tips nail tutorial
if you know how to do french tips you will totally know how to do it

what you need :
- top & base coat
- glitter nail polish

- apply base coat
- apply glitter nail polish on the top of the nail like the pic below 
if not mistaken i apply 2 to 3 layer depend on how glitter you wan :3
p/s you can apply other colour 1st only apply glitter nail polish it will give you different feel

 - wait for 10 to 20 min *depend on how many layer you apply too *
more layer more longer to wait
-after that apply base coat on it 


is time for me to do some handmade craft after i fin my assignment 
ganbarimasu :3 
this is all about 2day :) 
hope you enjoy it 

Monday, April 23, 2012


just a short update :3 
hehe that all from me wish me like in my exam ya

Sunday, April 22, 2012

short update - ice cream

yeah just a short update :(
sry reader kinda bz this week - -
god know how bz am i 
have to rush assignment and im having final now
yes am having final NOW 
god know how i gona die out my assignment 
one word describe my life now STRESS
what i usually did when i having stress
yes eating something sweet like dessert 
if you know me well you will know that 
i like sweet stuff so much 
so here are some stupid pic about me and wall ice cream 
forgot what name is that 
but i know is super expansive 
it cost me RM10 for one 
not that like the ice cream but the choco inside the ice cream is the best :3

that is all from me i will read all your blog when i free 
promised :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

what will you do when you nail polish become thicker?

ok what will you do when you nail polish become thicker?

for me i will use polish thinner to solve the problem 
below is the brand that i use  

what you need to do is just pour 2 to 3 drop into the nail polish that become thicker 

shake it that all :)

i brought this polish thinner on9 
it cost me not more that RM10 so kinda cheap though...
okie i have to post all the old review that i have so pardon me i might be kinda annoying here
for those who love my blog 
THANKS YOU so much sweety 
it really make me happy and motivate to blog often 
 hope that you enjoy of reading my blog k :)
okie going to study soon exam 2moro 
wish me luck and wish all of you luck too

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

hello kitty sexy look mask review

i brought this mask on9 :)
i love it not only that the packaging is cute and it really work well 
usage of the mask is whitening, moistening and tighten your pore.

what i like?
the smell
the packaging 
the result of after using 

what i dislike?

i super like this mask and recommend to all of you 
is not that the mask giving the whitening result faster that other brand
it really moistening my skin very well since am always have dry skin.
definitely you skin will moistening well if you use one week once :)
that is all about 2day hope you like it   

Saturday, April 14, 2012

bag that more to gyaru

okie 1st oh all if i got money i will buy all of it :( 
i love them so much 
come to mummy >.<
those bag are more to teenager 
hope all of you may like it 
will gona be very bz next month going to have some photoshoot for my selling stuff and banner too
what will you like to see on my banner?  

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mentholatum acnes medicated sealing jell review

Today will post about 
Mentholatum acnes medicated sealing jell review

It prevents acne formation, Suitable for oily and blemished skin, tightens pores, deeply cleanses and regulates skin condition.

it look like milky white :)

result :

okie i get it for free so i dono the how much it is and where got sell in Malaysia.
so i use it for 3 days, it still have a bit redness but you cant clearly see in picture
actually is kinda long by using 3 day and more to keep the pimple away from you.
If i use the product that usually i use it might take 2 days but the product is super expansive - -
okie back to topic,

the smell almost same as the Garnier brand pure blemish clear pen.

after apply to your skin it make you feel a bit cold.

It wont be sticky and absorb very well to you skin.

rate from me will be 5/10
i will prefer the product that i usually use that this. Among all is okie, if you really wan the result very well you might not choose this.
that is all from me hope you have a nice day sweety :3

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

animal spot heel i guess so

i really dono what it call but most of it are animal spot 
anywhere minasan tadaimasu :3
thanks to all cute and sweet reader, i swear i will work harder and harder on my blog 
so here is it
animal spot heel which one do you like the most?

that is all about 2day :3 
have a great holiday to all Malaysian ~