Wednesday, January 26, 2011

coin de rue 洋菓子店コアンドル

im crazy for it
it make me wanna study MIB so so so much nw....
it make me think bout my dream...
n y always the japan movie make me feel wanna struggle for my dream?
n y i cnt found this kind of book on MALAYSIA ????
i will struggle for it i will
ganbateh caro de su~

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

end it up

i feel tried with my life can i end it up ?
can i?


dissapointed on it...
mayb my life wont have any miracle...
n this is unfair to real unfair to me jz unfair to me
i noe i cnt blame anyone else
no one i can blame...
no one...

Monday, January 24, 2011

i hope i wish i could

i m so damn freaking happy :)
jz nw called MIB n yeah aug got one more intake....
coz i can start it this year if i can
i wish i can....
i damn envy my frien,some of them started their study n some of my frien even graduated...
n im still start nth yet :(
i noe study wont be late but i really like to study in this year
我比任何人都想上课任何人 虽然我没有后悔过
i hope i wish i could make it god bless me

Sunday, January 23, 2011


all bout 2day ok la i look damn ugly in this pic :)
upload more soon

Friday, January 21, 2011


work for almost 3days
haha still ok la
but i damn suffer nw think b0ut this n tat...
thinking tat should i take part time study...
i dono how i gona survive after one year
how i gona go class this n tat...
n ya la mayb i will buy a car for myself...
n i farking miss my kampar frien
at there no worries
always happy...
wait me ya i will be bak bro :)
on feb
miss u all
did u all miss me?

Monday, January 17, 2011

who care's

my life start to become hetic when i started to pay my loan bak....
yeah i have to struggle very hard to get wat i wan in this year...
mayb my mum was rite
im not younger anymore
but i jz wan to enjoy my life...
likes everyone say WHO CARE'S
haha ^^

Sunday, January 16, 2011

ss punya me n liese bubble hair colour :)

using my darling fon to take pic at his home hehe :)

I'm too free
n it look like ss-ing haha
anywhere i dye my hair
it look nice~
i like it so much
n yeah i use ash brown
but it really look different coz my hair brown enuf nw =)

instruction : how to use liese bubble hair colour~
p/s must follow step by step...

hope u all enjoy using liese =)

Friday, January 14, 2011


yeah i love BOA so much
she like being pretty n pretty
n i love to dance too =)
should i use my ability to earn some money hmmmmm still thinking ~

copy & paste BOA

other tat boa i love so much too~
coz u noe wat both of them wont act cute (eventhough i like cute gurl la = =)
other tat cute gurl i will prefer dancing type more tat cute ^^V
both of their dance wont be too gurl but bring a bit pop n lock

i'll back off so you can live better by G.NA

other than that, dress by teayang you up by BOA
3.without a word by park shin hye
4.hurricane venus by BOA
5.huh by 4min
6.take it slow by teayang

*u can find those song in youtube :)
quite nice
hope u all enjoy it~

Thursday, January 13, 2011

supprise for vivian

haha poor birthday gurl =)
but anywhere have a great time with u guys
happy birthdays vivian
hope tat all ur wish will come true~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

caro with long hair XD

im too free n do nth so i put the fake hair n curl it
look nice
izzit suit for me ???
hmmmmm so i have to keep it till tat long
n my hair grow damn slow..........
pls grow faster tat u can my baby hair =(

Monday, January 10, 2011

baby buu

my baby buu sick until like this =(
i hope tat u will recover soon ya
lovie eu baby buuu =)
dont make me worry bout u

Sunday, January 9, 2011


im to free to do nth at snooker place
so take one pic =)
without make up n lens
look odd rite?



2day bb come my home
he delieve a box of pasta for me
n yeah i 4got to take pic = =
but thank bb

n im too free to help him do a mask Xp

look like baby rite? yeah he is my lovely baby :)
lovie eu
tat is all bout 2days


Friday, January 7, 2011


brought a new cleaner
have to take k my skin ady
n yeah i have to become pretty n pretty
coz im not tat yong sui wad hahaha :)
if this wan ok then i will buy the whole set even is expansive la =)

Thursday, January 6, 2011


jz a post for my family...
if can i wish all of my family member see it

i dono wat the hell tat all of u thinking...
n i jz want to tell it out
dont judge me be4 u judge urself....
u though u are gud enough,no u didn n yeah i noe no one will be the perfect one
include me too...
told me this n tat bla bla bla...
pls dont diny the fact...
n i noe wat im doing....

i can work any time but pls stop calling me work
i jz wan some rest n sometime to use to it....
but u all didn ....
bully shit around me....
can i have some rest?
or i can have any rest?
i jz can say tat diff ppl diff ways
dont use ur ways to disturb or suffer others....

n last i could pay my loan bak n yeah
i can earn more tat u though....
caro says tat caro do tat...
even nw caro having plent of debts
but i noe someone will support me
no double he is the one <3

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

random for 2011

a random post
i wan become slim n cute coz i noe im not leng lui type
have to 'kiu zong' li become nice punya ppl
so i should try my best to 'kiu zong'
n kinda wanna work at starbuck
sometime learn how to make a cup of coffee may chill me down :)
all from me
chao upload soon~

Monday, January 3, 2011


每天都在头痛 看来扁头痛又找上我了

Sunday, January 2, 2011

bbf's in kampar

ok im back to my blog ~
this post is all bout my good classmate n bbf in kampar hahaha
i wont list it out the name but i will replace it by num =)
the num will be the place tat in my heart
(although u are the last but ur are still in my list)
so guess which num are u Xp

can say tat u are a quite important person toward everybody
armmm sry to said tat me too :)
haha.... sometime u are funny but sometime u are not....
treat her as gud as u can
i noe u can do it n dont be too “固执” la!!!!!! sometime is gud u noe :)

hahaha.... when i think bout u i kinda wanna laugh dono y~
use to it be with u eat,gossip,lok lok, this n tat...
although i noe u bout few week but i like u so much
u are a gud frien n gud gf u try ur best to did everythings for he
n i noe one days he will feel it or appreciate it~
take k gurl miss u so so much~

the 1st impression for me is u damn lanC haha
when deeply noe u
u are not!u are such a gud frien :) happy to noe u sweetheart :)
same with 02 we use to be 2gether....
best friend forever *hug*
n ya take k urself n the guy u love the most =)

the 1st time we meet the 1st time u call me
every 1st time u did with me i will remember it~
appreciate wat u have now
i cnt be a part in ur story but i can be a listener listen all the story tat u having nw :) tat is the li things tat i can did it for u

u lazy n fatty boy...
without u without laugh..... dont go CC so much n dont smoke so much ah~
not gud for health n yeah dont wear too much lens lo~
u now wat will happen la hahahahaha~
alway remember the moment be with u

ya is u..... u noe who are u wat to say hmmmmmmm....
is kinda gud to noe u~
hope u happy with A n try ur best ya :)

sry ahhhh yesterday said u 五音不全 i noe u are not la :)
ganbateh in ur future i noe u can do it....
is kinda gud to noe u~
hope tat u can slove ur problem as soon as possible :)
ya i miss ur sound so much~
take k ya my friend appreciate every moment with u

is true without u without happniess
i noe u like my teeth so much
as long as u happy =)
do well in ur exam ya miss ya :)*heart*

somehow u like to bully me but im glad to noe u :)
hope ur eng can better tat be4~
take k ya *hug*

dono how to say u
but horrrrrrr u are gud n best :)
treat her as gud as u can
tat is all from me to u~

i lagi dono how to say about u~
can say tat u also noe me so well :)
sometime u jz noe me, acc me...
tat is u
do well in everythings ya
i trust u u can make it

ur name toward me is quite funny lo
miss u~!
can i have ur num?

nt really noe u la
treat her gud as well n dont always stay at home lo

dont lan gu duo duo lo
treat her gud as well n dont bully her....
she is a gud gurl....

u are a gurl the only gurl when we haven join in
noe is hard for u
but try ur best k *heart*

tat all about u all
u all are important in my life n yeh
u are the important one in my heart baby
lovie u
lee hau neng
must tag ur name out :)
coz u are the onlu one ♥