Monday, December 31, 2012

coordinate - outfit

sry for lag of update T.T
no idea y i have been so so so so lazy to update 
so here my outfit

what do you think about it?
hmmm few more min have to say good bye to 2012 
new year new life wish me all the best and all my readers too ~
just to post some wish list here Xp
- Success in what am i doing now 
*still in the processing of doing it~
- Move to japan next year
-Earn a lot of money
*so i can cut down my parents burden
- Speak well in japanese and english 
*a bit dump in language
- Find a japanese boyfriend hahaha 
*just kidding about it :p if i could find it

so what is you wish?

Thursday, December 20, 2012


recently i will like to go to this kind of style 
which one did you like it the most?

*picture doesnt not below to me*

Monday, December 17, 2012

Japan -Ebisu 恵比寿

back to japan trip post 
here is it Ebisu 
actually from my observation Ebisu is a place that hmmm
i mean few of the building around there wasnt look much like the building
 that you will saw at Kamata, Shibuya....
it will more to castle style 
and yet it like most of the people living there are kind of rich
* from my observation la~ correct me if am wrong*
 here are some picture 

so what will you think about Ebisu?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

how to take subway in Japan

since that before i going Japan i have did a lot of research about buying ticket in japan
but at the end im still blur when im in front of the machine = =
lucky someone good enuf to help me buy my ticket 
so here is it how to buy ticket in Japan
1st of all while you are in front of the machine you will saw a big board above the machine
like the picture below

the big board was showing the station like picture below

find out the place that you wish to go 
after that beside the name of the station it will have a small little box that stated the price there
example like am at Kamata and wish to go Akihabara the price stated at the board beside the station name will be 270~
so go in front of the machine you will see lot of  box that full of number 
sry  i forgotten to take picture of it
so like my ticket was 270 press 270 
after that put what ever yen you have 
*it will give back the change to you*
take you ticket 
that all hope it help you lots :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Japan Tatoo socks

recently have lot of people wearing this kind of socks 
tatoo socks 
actuyally is kinda cute though :)
i should get myself one soon ~
which pare do you like it?

* those picture didnt belong to me *