Sunday, August 29, 2010

post post post Xp

kinba crazy thse day
becoz of no enuf sleep =.=
haha wat to do have to study
i miss my kl bed so much T.T
suddently miss my frien so much
i miss u all did u all miss me?
tq to all my frien acc me or cheer me up when i
totally down
i love u all so so so so so much
*dont envy ya baby j*
i miss
elaine low
ah ni
cindy 1
cindy 2
wai lok
mei ling
mei yian
kah ming
tat is all my best frien in KL la!!!!
miss u all
but hor y i damn less frien geh
*sry ya if ur name didnt inside my list
coz im blur nw
u noe the situation when i my blur la if u noe me well*
tat all for 2day
5 more days to go
im coming weeeeeee~
god bless us
n love u n miss u so much

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

wat a final....

1st time having my final exam
i dno wat wrong with me.....
u noe wat i study so long n i hope tat i can get a gud result
but finally come out a shit @#$#$%$%%^&
wat wrong with me ???
i really confidence to pass this sub
but i dono y turn out like this.....
wat i struggle for?
study same as no study then i study for wat?
am i a stupid?
i cnt do better?
y i cant do better in everything?

ok enuf blaming myself i have to move on~
i still have 5 sub to go....
i can make it....
i dont wan same thing happen to me anymore
do wat ever i can

god bless me


Monday, August 23, 2010


kinda nice drama
i like this movie so much
not becoz of the celebrities
becoz this drama is full of love and wat we going to face in our
real life♥

my rate for this movie is

Sunday, August 22, 2010


2 more day we having our final exam~
yeh time pass damn fast~
wat to do? have to face it =.=
kinda wish could see my dear baby j
he damn sweet those days
hope it will last forever~
muack lub b~
quite boring 2day
didnt study at all =.-
didnt have the mood to study bout it....
wat to dooooo
who can help me~
bak to our topic
one of our coursemate withdraw ady
left 19 ppl struggle in this course
sad rite?
wat to do?
perhaps it gud for u~
we will miss u all the best in ur furture~

Friday, August 20, 2010


all i wan jz a call or some care from u
izzit hard 4 u?
i dono wat to do
i jz wan to express all my emotion out
then i can feel better....
mayb tat is true im jz a small part in ur heart
i noe i cnt acc u when u need me
as well as me!
u didnt even feel like msg or call me
when u are free
i try to clear out my time to acc u
maybe i need ppls acc me
but wat i get everytime is jz a shit
(sry pei li)
i try hard n hard to care bout u tell u wat i feel but everytime i didnt get any
respond from u
it reali hurt me....
u wont listen wat i say n wat i advice to u
i dono wat u feel when i nag u~
but it reali gud 4 u
it jz make me feel like y i cnt influnce u but ur ex can~
when u promise me something
i dono either i need to trust it or not?
i realli wan to trust it
but i cant
everytime i tell myself should not care more bout u
nw u like ur life so much
let u go
let u do wat every u wan
but everytime i get bak it jz a treated like a frien
are we couple?
or we are jz a friend?
izzit fair to me?
i noe im not a gud gf but i trying my best to become perfect
no ppl is perfect enuf
overall im jz a kid n burden
to u

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


nowaday i cnt control my emotion dono y
trying my best to not showing out to any ppls....
in this moment....
i jz wish to be with u elanine
i miss u so much.....
i wan to talk to u so much....
i feel alone (;
wish i will be ok as soon as possible...
love myself
p/s i wan to control myself not to do somethings overanymore

Sunday, August 15, 2010


too boring nth to do!!!
so upload my blog again haha~
take some stupid pic haha~
i miss somebody so much....
miss he until dono hw to say....
jz wish tat he chould appear in front of me n let me hug n kiss
*hug hug*
*kiss kiss*
love u so muchhhhhhh
u noe with me so i take pic with bear bear haha^^
going to sleep soon
nite everybody!!!


having a random post!!!!

to boring inside the class so took one pic (:

mushroom soup and garlic bread!!!
we done in our pratical class

spaghetti (:

our spaghetti
13th aug 2010
steamboat time
* sry for stupid face la
having our study in library

bi xin^^

c yin (:
our saucier

pei li and man kit

ta ta ta tang!!!!

after fin our steamboat
we having our dessert
tang yuan!!!!!!
like it so much~

man kit

cute c yin :)

mine ^^

bi xin
bnut forget to take pei li pic hehe^^
sry ya~

Friday, August 13, 2010

missing somethings

i feel like i had missed something today...
dono wat is tat....

u going to start work part time soon...
n the time u acc me will going to become little and little....
can anyone tell me wat can i do?
i jz wan somebody to talk to me


Thursday, August 12, 2010

me and you

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

i love u so much b~
i wish i can be with u forever n ever....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

is just for YOU

i dono what to say but i jz wan to cheer u up~
i love u
i miss u
wat can i do?

when u not happy i can stay beside u
feel boring i can play with u yc with u
wan to watch movie i can acc u....
wat ever you wan to do i will do with u n support u~

jz wan to tell u i cherish wat ever u done to me
n been through with me
jz wan to let u noe,no matter wat happen i will stay beside u
because u are the one who let me feel im not a lonely
让我把你的世界变得色彩缤纷~ <3

random post Xp

Monday, August 9, 2010

happy birthday!!!!

happy birthday to yong wei and pei li
although this post got a bit late la = =
wish all ur wish will come true~
had been through a bz life
acc my bb go gai gai with ling ling haha^^
n my final is cming T.T

ok lo nth to say chao~
god love all of us!!!

miss u so much b J LEE HAU NENG

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


y everybody can let out their emotion through everybody
by the way i cnt!!!
im tried...
but sry to baby to coz u are always the one whom i can let out my emotion~

trying to save money~
i cnt be poor in my entire life...
i cnt and dont wan....
is ady enuf 4 me to try same as my dad n mum~
them ady old but i'm not
im jz 17 and 10 month* haha haven go through my birthday yet~
but my dad n mum ady 50++

trying to reach the target tat i wan~
i will~
i will tell the whole world i will~