Monday, February 27, 2012

bag lover

sry for lag updated busy with my assignment and prepare for something new :)
bag lover you should check this out, 
is so cool to have all those bag 
but i know i cant have it all coz it cost me like a boom *sad face*

actually i love the 2nd last bag 
miu miu bag 
i love it so much because it simple and look cool to me 
prefer something simple and nice
okie which bag and what brand is ur favour bag?
going update a nail tutorial soon ~

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

home made ribbon hair band

actually i lose all the picture of tutorial about this 
sry reader decides use my bear bear to be my modal :)

the ribbon izzit look nice :)
okie going to change my layout soon boring of see-ing this
okie hope you enjoy ur days <3

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

valentine dinner - the hill

sry for the late posting 
having my valentine dinner at the hill which at dono where
*cause am not the driver of the day Xp*
lazy to type here so here come pic :)

kinda like this place.. environment is good enough for couple
and and and i like the dessert so much yum yum :)
but it abit expansive..
anywhere hope every couple in the world sweet forever  ♥
hope i can find someone that can love me so much and tolerances me god bless~

Thursday, February 16, 2012


i think almost every time i like to be in this kind of style :D
coz am look cute not that really but really like those kind of dress so much ~
so lazy to do my work now = = and i felt so sleep
oh god save me from my work okie done going watch anime soon :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DIY shirt & shorts

a little bit of my pic :D

Have all of you have a good valentine?
so lazy to do review now so posted some pic of mine :D
and yes the shorts that i make it by myself is inspired by Emy
since i got one long jeans that i didnt wear that much.
oh yeah and the top that i wearing is made by myself too
show you some pica 1st

it that nice?
haha i think am so fat now - -
when i only can become thinner :(
okie chao~ have to rush my assignment now
have a great days~

Monday, February 13, 2012

Suisse programme - smoothing lip scrub review

will like to share about this lip scrub that i get it free for lucky draw at sasa :)
it make in Switzerland  and it is a hydra solution smoothing lip scrub.
It enriches with botanical ingredients, smoothing ex-foliating lip treatment is formulated with unique Bio-mimetic peel complex to help keep your lips impeccably smooth and supple. 

brought at?
Sasa sunway pyramid


exfoliates dull,dry flaky skin for super soft, super smooth lips in seconds.

how to apply?
Rub a small amount on dry lips, massage it and remove with a tissue or washcolth.


actually what i try before this is body shop lips scrub, and this give me a different feel of it. It wont be too thick *i mean you cant feel the scrub on your lips* and it kinda easy to remove dry lip skin. The part that i like it most is, it dont have any smell of it.

so this is all for today 2moro is valentine so wish everyone have a great valentine and i wish i could get a rose too <3 *think too much -_-
Happy valentine days

Sunday, February 12, 2012

valentine nail tutorial 1

hey guys promise you all to post a post about nail tutorial 
now here it is :)
are you ready for valentine?
so is time to do manicure or pedicure.
not enuf money to do so?
do it by yourself :)

look abit difficult? actually not that difficult 
what you need / Ingredients:
a. beauty credit nail polish green
b. beauty credit nail polish yellow
c. beauty credit nail polish blue
d. OPI nail polish planks a lot  
e. OPI nail polish i think is pink
f. some diamond
g. gold sticker * dono what it call sorry :(*

 1. apply base coat

2. Apply A at 1. * a-g refer as ingredient, number refer as the place that you apply*
3.Apply C at 2.

4. Apply B to 3.
5. Apply D to 4.

5. Wait for it to dry.
*depand on what nail polish you using and how thick you apply, wait around 10 to 20 min*
6. Apply G in the mid of the nail polish.

7. Apply G in between the nail polish of the left side.

8. Apply G on the right side too.

 9. Apply a top coat on it * or you can apply before 6.

after that you can just stick what every diamond that you want :)
that all for today place some comment on it let me know if i have done any wrong
my 1st nail tutorial hope you like it and support more ya

with love from caro~