Thursday, March 25, 2010

25 march 2010

see all my frienz bz with their college n so on~
quite jealous u noe tat feel~
saw my frienz at puchong jaya bus stop(but i dono he saw me or not la)
i nt feel very well those day dono y
quite mix up nw~
dono wat i cn do shall do~
nw i li noe i didnt have much frienz realy~
everything boi frienz boi frienz...
where my frienz?
damn tried so abit sot sot chao nite ~

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bad day

i feel sad~
sometime i feel like empty becoz i'm nt all the part in ur heart...
damn bad rite got the feel~
i dono wat he think wat he wan~
but everything he wont tell me n he didnt~
solve his self~
who am i?
i dont wan to be a burden like i reali cnt help on everything like im a kid~
ya maybe true im jz 17 (haven pass my birthday) everything i wont noe more tat he.....

pack mood~
sick ady~
next month didnt work....
quite happy~
can relax wahaha~
after tat i need to pack alot of things buy alot of thing....
going to kampar by may~
everything will change when i start my college~
hopefully it wont change alot~
so next month shopping gau gau gathering gau gau....

ya last i cut my hair~^^

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

mad day~

i dono y i have such a bro n family~
izzit im eazy to let ppls bully me?
y every ppls must dono tat to me?
i hate it~

to my family i dono wat i can say~
im going started my college life next next month~
everythings i need to setter myself....
i gona leave this home n everything from here~
my friend said" y dont u study at KL?izzit dont wan to see ur family?"
i jz wondering y i have a stupid idea in my mind~
far away from here i will be safe~ wtf wei~this is my home y my brain gain some idea like tat?
i love my papa i love my b i love my best i love this area
i will miss it~

i like her hair so much~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

16 march 2010

i stay at my *friend home for 2day~
i though i wont miss he
i wont have some feeling like don't leave me alone at ur home i will be scare~
but everything come out to me when he go~
i scare n i cry~

*p/s b love u so much sit infront ur com n type out my feel...
i can image tat u everyday sit at ur com n wait ur friend to chat with u
lastly u will feel dissappointed coz them didnt~
i miss everything in ur home full of memories~
those memories is mine
inside got everything we didnt...
i dono when we li can meet i dono when i onli can see u smile infront me,
act cute infront me,
kiss me hug me,
take k bout me,
talk to me,
n everything u did to me
i really miss all those time....really
b i dono wat make me cry~
i can image tat if u see me cry u will hug me n say
"sa po ku shen me?hai you wo ar!" :')

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

si lo~

wa seh go every where also cn saw ppls talking bout spm~
walao dont qi gei me ady lo~
i so scare lah~

can anyone cool me down??

last wish my spm result better tat i though~
god bless me~
2moro i will post my result~

Sunday, March 7, 2010

6th march 2010

yesterday going my aunt son wedding dinner~
so nice~
n make me feel like marry n have a wedding dinner like tat~
*n miss mr J LEE HAU NENG so much
haha lazy to type nw
let pic talk for me XD
me n my mum

my mum n my grandmum

royal ballroom*super nice like it so much~


n the dress tat i wear^^

tat is all bout the wedding~