Monday, July 25, 2011


last day of working,
n am getting sick = =
should i go for it or not?
am really really scare.
yesterday sleep at 2am, y?
coz am keep thinking about it....
i dono what i should do 
i dono....
dont think about it is deosnt mean tat i t can solve it by it own 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

sushi zanmai

ahhhh so damn bz today. have a lot of work to do until am no time to blog hehe..
since am so hungry now, will like to post about food.
guess what post tat i posting?
sushi again 

sushi zanmai is a place tat sell japanese food.
it same like sakae sushi or sushi king 
if compare to sushi king it will a bit expansive
but cheaper that sakae sushi :)

their menu

wont forget about the price :)

haha my baby~

forget what sushi is it

my salmon salad with sushi zanmai special sauce

dont ask me what sushi it is...
>.< am dono 

green tea 

have a lot of outlet in Malaysia
usually when to sunway. 
must be curious y am like to having my meal in sunway rite?
haha coz it near my baby home n yes sunway is my 2nd home.
*opsss out of topic* 
if compare to sushi king n sakae sushi, it is the better wan 
lover the enviroment 

u can see the price from the pic.
that only sushi la, other than that 10 to 20 ++ 

overall is ok for me.
but love their salad so so so so much <3
especially with sushi zanmai special sauce.

not tat bad la...
but sometime you cant find their waiter
dono where them hide = =


by caro with love

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

diet plan

OMG!!! am become fatter n fatter... NOOOOOO it cannot be. from now on have to start diet * with serious face*  since ady mid of the month, decided to start next month when my class started. Xp lol~ *caro you are finding excuse for yourself* hmmmm.... maybe hehehe. already planned how my diet plan should be. so i may list out some at here.

1. NO maggie mee, mee, fried & jack food, last must be soft drink.( mayb this i y am become fat X.X)
2. No supper.
3. One week have to exercise 2 to 3 days. *am so lazy @.@*
4. Drink more water.
5. More vegetable less meat.
6. Massage :)
7. One week at least one time eat anything tat i wan so it wont make me craving of FOOD

tat all i can think. so i gave myself 5 month to become 47kg. hmmm izzit ok for me 47kg? if not mistaken am 160cm ++ izzit over thin or wat? hmmmm... * dont feel like thinking now = =* so what ever la at list i can wear M size bottom am satisfy ady :) so god help me pls..*pray hard*  ok have to stop now, stay turn for how am i keep my fat away from my body =)

by caro with love <3

Monday, July 18, 2011

baby birthday

 love this pic so much :)

 have to keep some of my fat away 

 menu of chills
 after tat keep camwholing

 food... since am so so so damn hungry forgot to take pic of food 
sorry :(

tat all for 2day :) 
Love baby so so so much <3

Friday, July 15, 2011

happy birthday baby boo :)

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to you :)
weeeeeee happy birthday baby. hmmmm going to meet up soon :) so excited.... hehe love ya <3
stay turn for my next post ~

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

for those kind of friends.

dono y i kinda piss off now. what is friends? what friends stand for? i dono y some of those FRIENDS when come to money, become like this : I NOT REALLY CLOSE TO YOU SO BYE BYE FOR OUR FRIENDSHIP. when those kind of friend need some help hahaha, them will try to become close to you or even paying everything for u or even become like begger. helo!!! you though who are you? if you dont even try or want to cherish our friendship so y do i? y do i give a fuck? y do i have to give my heart out while all of you keep stepping on it? For some of you, i know, i know what the situation you having n facing n yet  am not blind. am not old enuf to letting myself blind. am so angry, so angry about you, if you got heart you can discuss with me our watever. or you may give wat i wan to me. but u didnt u cut down everything for me.Am suppose not angry or piss about it but i cnt stand for it any more. SO FUCK OFF for those kind of friends

P/s i miss my kampar friend n kl friend...  
if not am broke enuf i would like to go there n meet all of you 
with love from caro

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


when to ioi mall n shop on previous sat,
brought 2 skirt, cost me 50 bux
but im not the one who paying la hehe :)
thank to mumy 

upload soon :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

samsung galaxy s & me

i found out that, actually my blog didnt have much pic of MINE 
y huh?
maybe i dont like to take pic of mine?
hmmmmm because am look bad without makeup?
or am always stay at home until become lazy to take pic ?
yes this is all the reason y my blog didnt have much pic of MINE T.T
* have more reason, but lazy to list out*
hmmmm so from now on have to try my best to take pic of mine
* with serious face*  

 show some pic of galaxy S

of course all of you might think that i changed a new phone
the fact is nop i didnt this is my bro new phone  
he kinda happy when he get his new phone 
galaxy still ok for me la. *but lagging sometime*
but my heart still with IPHONE
one day i will buy it :)

that all from today 
hope all of you have a nice day !!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

dye hair

going to dye my hair soon. Dying brown color, dark dark brown. Ady bored of dye ash brown or whatever gyaru color. coz it easy to drop n it not really suit my skin color, the important is my boyf not really like gyaru hair color.T.T kinda lazy to update hehe... so will update soon :)

hope all of you have a nice day <3

heart broken :( hope tat am still ok~
already use to it the time without u 
the things suppose done by both of us, done alone by myself
am feel left out feel alone 
hope tat am will recover very soon :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

silky girl make up remover

since my post always about food food food
so decided to post some other stuff.
silky girl make up remover
full of vitamin E and the most important thing is
suitable for all skin

front view 

back view

color of the remover

make up 

after apply

ta ta ta ta ta...

14++ after discount

not like some remover, smelly likes medicine 
this remover smell a bit likes flower....
anywhere i like this smell :)

for who didnt use water proof make up it kinda good.
if water proof , u have to rub it hard then only can remover urs make up.

not really like this product coz  i using water proof eyeliner, mascara
and eye talk fake lashes glue.
kinda hard for me to remover my make up 
n yes i dont wan my dark circle become serious n serious
so have to buy one remover for eyes :)

mayb will upload some tutorial for hair or nail 
stay turn =)
by caro with love

Friday, July 1, 2011


gud morning peeps!
have a nice morning :)
feel so happy today,
coz am going to resign soon.
actually nt soon is now la.

 talk about J-Co today
actually do you know what J-Co?
J-Co is a place to chill out, study or even high tea
like starbucks

what does J-Co sell?
it sell coffees, donuts and yes their environment


1/2 dozen 12++ if nt mistaken la
nt really expansive la for me 

quite like their environment,
it make u feel relax n comfortable

nt really like it coz some of it quite sweet 
my favor will be choco banana :)

yes it is

rate ?

tat all from today
hope u gus enjoy ur day 
by caro