Thursday, March 31, 2011


is time to spend some money on shopping :)
cant spend all the money for study
it will make me crazy XwX
sometime have to pamper myself more la

last day of march wat i can say is
time pass damn fast
wish every ppl all the best

upload soon

Tuesday, March 29, 2011





de su?




de su?




de su?



not study

de su?

dono =)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

mars need mum

watched this movie last sun
quite gud n bb cry of it...
it really gud to watch

so my rate to this movie is

pray for Japan
hope all of u get well n save

Sunday, March 20, 2011


enuf to me...
tried tried n tried...
haha wat to do...
tear going to drop any time start from nw...
i noe my mood swing likes the weather
dono y always did this to u
here i will like to say sry
mayb suffering will make one ppl mood swing likes weather?
dono for other
but yes for me la

dono wat to tell u
but if my care toward u is nth i wont care bout it anymore...
i noe u pamper me more tat other but some time
really sme time u jz make me feel like im nth to u...
everyone noe tat a little tiny things will mke a gurl tat love her boy so much angry n emo with it
but sometime i didn not show it out
coz i noe is useless
i noe im the one who hurt u the most
n sry for tat...
n i always regret n cnt forgive myself do such a fool things to u
if u dont wan me to nag u n all tat i will stop from now
ppl say if one gurl love u the most she will nag u but some time she will let u coz she
dont wan to see u suffer...

i noe u wont change anythings for me coz im nt the one
i knew it :')

jz dont wan my love pass away earlier tat me
n who wan to see their love pass away earlier tat themself?
no one like to...

Monday, March 14, 2011


since nth to do so decided to blog la :)
miss my bb so much now
kinda change my plan nw...
i study part time...
coz have a lot of things happen so no choice....
feel like having new life nw
yeah new life
have alot of things to do...
so must work hard...
mayb i didn have the life ppl have but i will try to enjoy my life from nw
try to love my life...

what i have to do
1. buy a car
2. pay my loan
3. shopping with bb
4. travel with bb
5. do wat ever with bb


ya long time didnt blog bout b
so new post with blog bout u la baby booo
ok chao~
love ya

Saturday, March 12, 2011

too free :)

cat birthday :)

too free :)

all about it :)
abit lazy to type n upload so upload some pic 1st :P
ok chao~
upload soon

Monday, March 7, 2011

voice out

i jz wan to voice it out....
fair wont appear in parent heart
is true...
never ever see it through ur eye even though u help them out...
an example..

my bro n i
my bro said he wan a car, n a car that he using is the car tat he wan it...
n nw i have to have a car coz i started my college soon n the destination is quite long from
my home to college...
n my mum finally wanted to buy a car...
yeah somethings happen nw....
my bro said tat he wan a new car too...
he will buy it n my mum have to pay half of his payment...
it mean tat i dont have a chance to have a car...
n you noe wat my mum told my bro...
mum: you have to let ur sis drive to college...
bro: let she drive die lo...

if my mum really did this
i rather go out n live better tat lending his car n drive...
i noe what will happen after my mum did this...
he wont let me drive...
he will lc me...
he wan me pay this...
wan me pay tat...
n i fucking noe tat he will did this to me...

i ady tell my mum...
stay in KL nt same as stay in kampar...
it may spend more tat staying in kampar
mayb kampar 300 enuf for u to spend for whole month
but nt for KL...
if like tat u buy me a car or wat it eazy for me n i wont spend too lot...

it the things is work...
i will go out n have a place to live....

Thursday, March 3, 2011


i wanna shopping so bad...
i m jz a gurl tat who like to shopping too...
but my situation not allow me to shop anythings...
n even chinese new year i didn shop for anythings...
quite envy those who can shop wat ever she/he likes...
i decide to study full time course ady :)
but is quite hard to me
but i try my best la
so start college soon
so wish tat it will ok to me la
n yeah should i buy some mask or wat to take k my face
i wan a fawless skin :(

ok la chao 1st

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

earn extra income

feel like earn some money by letting ppl click ur ads
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go try it out :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

no title

long time didn upload my blog ady kinda lazy
coz nth special in my life...
so fast ady past 2 month in 2011
time past very fast
i wish tat i can do my best in this year...
chrish everything tat u have :)
upload soon