Tuesday, January 31, 2012

revlon nail polish review

sry for letting my blog dead like nobody business and updated all my personal stuff...
okie review about revlon nail polish 
is kinda limited colour that you can found in Malaysia.
so this is the colour that i choose-------"red" 

-RM18 after discount

What i like?
-dry faster
-easy to apply

what i dislike?
-kinda easy to become thicker

8/10 this is the 2nd nail polish that i recommend. It cheaper that OPI and the thing that i like it most is, it states the ingredients that their using in the nail polish. *even though i cnt understand what is that but is good to show it out right?*  
okie cam time ;)

am kinda suffer nowadays,
i really dono how should i express it out, 
am so lost right now.... 
am so tried to keep thinking thinking and thinking 
every day wake up in a bad mood 
is so fuck up

Monday, January 30, 2012

with the love one

okie am so happy yesterday ~
thankqu for bringing me out to realize my stress
love all of you so much~
although is abit late but happy new year everyone
wish all of you have a best one and marry early :)
and see which one of us marry 1st Xp 
but wont be me~
am sick right now >.<
flu fever sore throat pls go away from me ~
yes i dropping into a big black hole 
and i dono how to climb up now 
it totally messing my mind now

Saturday, January 28, 2012

journey 2

watched this movie yesterday
i love the 3D effect of imax its really cool :)
i dono what i can said now but i really love u i really do i didnt regret about it

Wednesday, January 25, 2012




如果生命重来 我坦白...她会懂我的爱? 


可不可以任性的问 你可不可以,不走?


some pic of mine

just upload some pic of mine
really didnt have the mood to update my blog sry readers...

我珍惜你爱你 只不过如此 这就是我不放弃的原因 固执着坚持着

Saturday, January 21, 2012

new year

yes going to new year soon...
am so lazy to blog and no time to blog *busy with assignment*
after new year i will post lot of nail tutorial soon

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


is so cute <3 hehe

之前在每段感情我还假装自己有多不开心可是现在的我也好不到哪里去, 我想你 我真的那么stubborn吗? 现在就只好藏在心里
this is the only thing that i could do! if one day it will come true pls make me cry hard and harder, from now on my tear are gone

Sunday, January 15, 2012


yes dono when i forgot about my dream
i totally forgot about it
open a coffee shop that selling cake and my favor ice cream 
that is my dream
i wish that it will success
and what your dream do u still remember it?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

RM200 voucher from government

yes i get this from college!
so any other college student who have get this yet, get it from ur college now
y dont they give us cash i need it so much T.T
any where maybe 2moro i will go shop for some book ~
books am coming *flying around*

and am going to crazy with my assignment
i got almost 3 drawing to due on next week 1 tutorial and 1 essay
and am hate to do essay y y y ?????
i wan graduate fastest as i can so i can earn money i can get what i wan like others

okie all about 2day mayb i will do some tutorial 2moro :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

beauty credit blue nail polish review

Rm12.90 brought at sunway pyramid

what i like?
- i like the colour so damn much it can create some cute feel out

what i dislike?
- it hard to dry
- kinda hard to apply


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


三个星期了,原来只是我自己一直放不下, 是时候让自己静一静了


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

high heel

i love all the shoe especially the white wan <3
i will buy it one days ~
actually i love to collect high heel all the well
and i dono y my heels will spoiled while i wear - -
it make me so sad about it
shoe is a important stuff to every single girl, different kind of shoe bring you different kind of style
wearing the same clothes but different shoe will bring you a different style
so hope you enjoy about it~

p/s: yesterday i still busy of making a video for you but last 
i ady give up in this, i dono y will this happen
if i can turn bak i wish that the 1st wan i met is YOU
if am didnt hurt by any single else mayb i can let it go easy
and i wish that am wont keep venting on you, not that care about you
didnt use ur $, at list i trust that this wont happen
if technology now really can remove the sad memories and replace it with good one i willing to be the white mouse I will choice to remove the memories from 4 years till now, or maybe even longer to take away my sadness and I wish that I never met love be4 at list i still can love someone with my whole heart.This time I will hide it in my heart, wnt let anyone knowing, see, and touch it any more this is what my brain told my heart
& i choice the same path bring it until the day i die

Sunday, January 8, 2012


im so die about everything now
no mood to do anything exp talking talking talking
talking can make cold myself down
if stop, i will feel like something wrong with me 
and this is what i hate the most = =
my life is so die now after class home, class home... for almost everyday
i wanna go out with friend too but who fetching me out and money
i need money so badly... 
so doing some part time for nail now :)
you can email me if you wan it <3
that all...
good luck to me

Saturday, January 7, 2012


i love this pic so much <3

dono what to update so update some picture of fashion :)
should i ?

Friday, January 6, 2012

kiss me fake lashes No.11 review

RM20+ wont more that RM25 abit for got the price is around RM22 something :)

what i like?
- It kinda cheap
- Kinda easy to wear it
- It look really natural after you wear it

what i dislike?
- Is hard to make dolly eye effect with this lashes
- Lashes easy to change shape when you remove it

5/10 i will buy this because i didnt try this brand out before. I dont really like it because it hard to bring out dolly eye effect, if i want it to become dolly i have to add one more fake lash on it. since am so lazy so i just wear it like that hahaha :)
that all from me hope you guys enjoy it and have a great time!
is time to rush my assignment wish me luck k <3

Thursday, January 5, 2012

DIY Bracelet tutorial

what will you do with this when it turn out yellowish?

hmmmm what can i do?

yes today i will show you how to DIY it to make it look fashionable and new

1st what you need
-UHU glue

1. Apply the UHU glue on the Bracelet 

2. Stick the fabric on the Bracelet.

3. Round the fabric on the Bracelet *okie i dono how to said about this step*

4. stick the gold little ball *i dono what it call* on it

5. cut the lace that you need it.

6. stick it as well.

7. Round the small little gold around the bracelet, and cut the length you wan

8. Glue it as well.

9. Finally tada :)

i use the same mathod to this :)

pica time <3

tat all from 2day hope you guys enjoy it :)