Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hokkaido lover mask review

okie feel like disturbing so edit until like this hehe :)

watery until you can get the water * dono what it is call*
inside the package

having promotion now 3 piece for RM10
Rm3.50 per mask

oil controlling,moisturising


dont like the smell >.<

is kinda hard to know the effect while you only use once 
but it wont make me irritating is true la :)
*my skin kinda sensitive*

sell at 
feel free to have a look :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ellefar Daiso lip stick review

i dono y i like to buy lip stick at Daiso 
y huh?
maybe it low price that other brand and am so hard to find lip stick that suit me
so usually will buy some cheap wan and try 1st

pic without lip stick :p

character of the day :)

pic with lip stick + concealer + lip gloss
* you can see that it doesnt suit me at all coz am look darker in real life :( 
so sad
and yes camwhole time yeeee :D

love all my pic 
*clap clap*
okie back to topic

everybody know that it only cost you Rm5 
brought at Daiso
but make in Taiwan

kinda like the effect with concealer + lip gloss
but it doesnt suit me as well coz my skin is darker 
it will suit people that have brighten skin :)
so should try it!

it kinds good coz it cover your lip colour well
but too bad doesnt suit me at all 
* i think i should go for whitening :(*
and bad thing is it label the material that use in Japanese 
and i cnt read it!!! noooooo so sad T.T

will update more review soon :) 
 and yes who willing to tell & teach me how to get review 
i dono how to get review T.T
who kiund enuf to do that???
i will appreciate it so much~
since am so hard to get reader and follower. Will do 
Caro 1st ever lovely giveaway!
hope more ppl can enjoy it and like the giveaway chao~ 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

caro nail design

having my very very own nail design :)
is that look nice?
give my comment reader~
or encourage me pls hehe... ^^
try to learn myself without teacher 
so hope that i can make it 

i will post some review soon

Friday, October 21, 2011

Kawaii Beauty Shop promotion

Hei reader 
kawaii beauty shop having promotion now
3 for RM10
RM3.50 per mask

grab it fast while stock last :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


love this song though~
so touch T.T
should listen it n watch the movie~
then you will cry the max
i cry in the cinema 
*lucky my make up water prof = = if not die la
haha that all from me 
bz learning nail n class
update soon~

Friday, October 14, 2011


hei reader, update myself with fashion 
hehe although it is kinda late to but this but hei i stop for 2 years to buy this 
n now finally im back to fashion~
haha hope i get do well ^^
hmmm i dono y my blog doesnt much ppl to read 
maybe i dont like to social?
or i dono how to talk well?
is kinda frustrated me so long!!!
oh god pls help me T.T

ok la trust myself i can make it :)
back to do my work now 
update soon ~

Thursday, October 13, 2011

how to apply nail polish tutorial

since am lazy to do my work so post a post about nail tutorial :)
*shouldnt be lazy next time*
ok almost all of my nail polish are Eilanto Brand
but longer i use i hate this brand more 
coz some of the lighter color is hard to apply so thinking 
should i change all my nail polish to OPI ?
should I?
give some comment pls :)

started my tutorial ~

Eilanto brand peach colour

1. touch your brushes to the front for 1 time * harder *
2. next to the back for 1 time * lighter *
if you feel like it still too lots of nail polish at your brush touch it one more time to the back 

the amount you should have.

Next apply the the middle part of your nail 1st
after that to the left side of your nail 
or you can do your right side 1st 
depand of wish part you wanna apply 1st.

the result :)

so hope all of you enjoy it have fun with it 
will post more tutorial ~

Monday, October 10, 2011

Beauty diary limited edition Flower series review

The Mask :)
Sunflower flavour

Be4 applying 

RM13 Per package
* 3 in one Package *
RM6 Per Mask

is like putting sunflower tea at my face :D
love it coz it make me feel so refreshing 

It really comfortable to me. my skin is tat type that easy to get sensitive
after apply the mask it doesn't make me feel irritating!

Real or fake?
it a real mask from Taiwan :)
i didnt have fake wan so i cnt show you the differences

use for?
moisturising your skin 

actually is kinda good product.
coz it sell quite long but i dono y it become more n more expansive 
so feel like buy it?
feel free to go 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kawaii Beauty Shop Review

the Shop that selling mask 
this is all the mask that selling they
now they having promotion
so feel free to go shop there~

Having opening promotion
now me selling all the mask in Package
buy 6 piece above having 5% discount
10 piece above 10% discount

This promotion is until
25 December 2011  



will do some review about the mask :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Great Eastern having 103 celebration give away

Great Eastern having 103 celebration!
so them having a give away for sharing the event 
and wining prize worth RM55,000
what you waiting for ?
jz sign up a account click the prizes tat you wan n call ur friend help you to share with it :) 
 the more balloon you get it the chances that you with the prize will be bigger!
go n play now
have fun :)

The Link :

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

outing with the love wan ♥

1st time ever after am study in design went out movie with baby T.T
so damn sad lo 
watched this move at subang parade 

is kinda touch movie and i cry like no business at the ending  T.T
the end was not a happy ending ~
want to know y go n catch up this movie :)
like to see her action 
her smile was really gorgeous
* with love eye* 

tat all from me will upload a tutorial soon :)