Monday, June 28, 2010


who are YOU??!!

you always are the one who make me feel like hold u tight
*if nt ppls rampas u from me Xp

you always are the one who make me feel like kiss u hard hard

you always are the one who make me feel like hug u tight tight

no matter how far it is u will bring me to watever place that i wan~

you alway are the one who willing to make me happen even though is look stupid
*sori >.<

you always are the one who do every things 4 me

you always are the one who like ur frien so much

you always are the one who make me smile

this is YOU the only u in my heart
when u talk,smile,act cute it make me not willing to leave u
i will become envy when XXXXXXX *hard to tell n cnt tell la...
i will become sad when u feel empty i cnt be with u
more n more...
your every movement and every action influence my life
it seem tat i love u more that i thought


who are YOU?
ya is u J LEE HAU NENG!!!!!!!!!
is you
you cnt run away n hide
no matter where you are i will find u out haha Xp
love u so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much~
is hard to telling out how much tat i lub u but i will try my best to tell u
n i noe u ady noe how much tat i lub u :)
so do u love me?

Sunday, June 27, 2010


i wish i cn have a car
coz is quite inconvenience for me if i didnt have car at kampar~
n taxi expansive tat KL =..= swt rite~
so i wish this year my birthday papa cn buy me a myvi~
haha^^ lub myvi...
if cn la (wish li ma XP)
ok la gona do my assignment la
chao upload soon ~

Saturday, June 26, 2010

sweet room~

i wish i could have a room like tat full of love n relax~

going bak KL soon~
hope assignment cn fin it~
god bless me

Friday, June 25, 2010


crying in front com is nt a gud choice for me
u hurt me deep deeply

i cn feel tat u changing a lot n a lot...
u hiding well but i cn feel it...

i will try to live if u are not with me from nw
becoz i cnt survive without u


dono wat to say have a bad mood 2day~
eating my favor dessert-- ice cream it doesnt make my feel better...
any reason y im having a bad mood?
i jz feel like something in my heart or my soul
is getting far far away from me...
i dono wat is tat by the way i noe tat is a part of me
sound weird rite?
haha maybe....
love friendship family.... i felt tried about every things
eventhough myself....
i didnt felt tried about myself i jz hate myself...
y a result will come out like this.....

stop this show some pic n this dicision tat we make yesterday is quite crazy
wake up at 6am jz becoz we need to go pasar pagi n take some pic
for our assignment...
after fin our class rest bout an hour we "bao" a taxi to tesco...
lastly we dicided to go KL to get some "ingredient VS us" de pic
(something bout our assignment wan la will post up soon)
YES,KL my hometown...

i miss u baby!!!!
but it doesnt make senses...
it doesnt make me feel better
in a town but cnt see each other...
but i hope my groupmate will enjoy this trip it la~

it jz make me feel miss u more n more...


finally i get my id card quite "yong sui" lo

but nvm nth i cn do...

coz i always the one who didnt care bout my look...

nth more chao~

upload soon......

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

icity ♥

sry for didnt upload my blog ya~
bz 4 my college life... (acually i didnt bz at alljz nth to upload n lazi Xp)
went icity with my boi was a nice place~
take some few pic n we went old taste to watch world cup~
tq 4 bibi taking me when i am sick^^
i like to stay with bibi
i wish i cn stay with my b forever n ever~

Saturday, June 12, 2010

happy birthday!!!

happy birthday to my popo
even though i m nt there with u but i wish u
happy n healthy always~
n to my cousin happy to heard tat u going to marry soon~
i dono wat cn i tell is too suprise to me...
ur jz 19 n u going to marry soon....
i dono the right situation but i wish tat u will live in happiness :3
sometime i will feel envy bout u
envy bout i have more pressure tat u
everytime u did something u no need to think much
jz do wat ever u like but i cnt...
at last i will tat this is the right chice tat u choose~

Friday, June 11, 2010


wearing formal to college~
for my couse is a must la so...

too bored n have some pic...
but nt gud looking la paiseh!!!

my class room~

n we having class nw!!!
so this is my college life la~
everyday doing my assignment until 1am n having class at 9 to 6
almost die la....
but lucky some of my frien rescue me :3
seem i have free out sometime so i crap at here la....
coz i must keep my blog life...
chao 1st~

Saturday, June 5, 2010

a minor that fallen down at her pathway have not ability to rise...

im going to crazy bout my com n assignment~
is reali hard to me
n i have no time to relax at all...
keeping doing my assignment n studying....
*dont feel like wan to tell out the process of doing my assignment~
morning until nw i keeping doing my assignment n study n my
com giving me a plenty of problem......
i need some time to relax n someone to talk to~
*some fresh air pls : (
*n the one tat i wish to talk to dono going out or wat didnt even tell me or msg me...
i was like wtf...
i have no much frien at here n the emotion tat i having nw is
i wan to cry loudly...
everytime when i having trouble,the 1st reaction tat i having is cry...
i dono y everything is frastreting me n kill my brain
n time...
wat cn i do this is the way tat i choose....