Monday, April 15, 2013

nail art

sorry guys really no time and mood to post any blog post no idea y T.T
doing something big that make me totally ignore my blog or sometime beauty
yes am get weight = = WTF
okie promise u guy will post review often in this month 
*i guess i can make it as well*
so here is some picture of nail art 

*all from google*

which one do you prefer ?
is kind of long time that i didnt do any nail art T.T
sad will be doing one on my sem break stay turn ;)

Thursday, April 11, 2013


just show u some cake pic :3
pic is not from me

about the previous post 
actually is about the girl and the boy both of them love each other 
but both of them didnt tell each other
on the april fool the girl wish to tell the guy that she love him
if the guy didnt love him the girl could said that is april fool 
so when the guy wanna tell the girl that he love her too 
the girl wrong pressing the send button 
so fail = =