Thursday, December 29, 2011

K.T.Z food

i dono what to blog
since am so damn long didnt blog anything about food.
so blog about it 2day

mango lou

forgot what it eng name but it call hua sheng wu in chinese

yes i totally forgot what it call - _-

K.T.Z is a restoran about chinese dessert.
it have variety of dessert there and some main course.

it wont be too expansive
all around RM2.90 - RM 9++ if not mistaken la

around SS2. not that sure am not driving

kinda like the mango lou.... yum yum is the best that i ever had

full of people but it still okie for me la


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

OPI Cuticle Revitaliser oil review

sry for not update my blog... 
something happen too suddenly and make me cant accept... not to talk about that,

2day review is about OPI Cuticle Revitaliser oil.
It complex blend of peach extract ,calcium, safflower oil and vitamins to nourish moisturise and protect the cuticles and nails. 

grape seed oil, Amino Acids, BHA, Natural Keratin, Organic Calcium, Safflower oil, Vitamin A, E, D & B-5,
Sesame oil, Silk Procaine, Natural Pan Phenol, Thymol, Methyl Glucose Ether.

 usage :
Brush on your cuticle lightly and massage gently 3-4 times.
Price :
RM 4 not that expansive

What i like :
- it really can make your nail grow nicer, i dono for other but mine la :)
- It kinda cheap

What i dislike :
- the smell so wired - - maybe i dont like lily i guess

Rate :

okie pica time

Sunday, December 25, 2011

without a word by PARK SHIN HYE

I should have done that
I should have ignored it
like something i couldn't see
I shouldn't have looked at you at all
I should have run away
I hould have acted like i didn't hear it
like something I couldn't hear.
I shouldn't have listened to love at all

Without a word , you let me know love
Without a word, you give me love
You made me even hold your breath but you ran away like this
Without a word, love leaves me
Without a word, love tossed me away
what should I say next?
my closed lips were surprised on their own
coming without any words

Why does it hurts so much?
Why does it hurts continuously ?
Except for the fact that i can't see you anymore
And that you are not here anymore
Otherwise, it's the same as before.

Without a word , you let me know love
Without a word, you give me love
You made me even hold of your breath but you ran away like this
Without a word, love leaves me
Without a word, love tossed me away
What should I say next?
My closed lips were surprised on their own
Without a word, tears fall
Without a word, my heart breaks down.

Without a word, i waited for love
Without a word, love hurts me
I zoned out. I become a fool because I cry looking at the sky
Without a word, firewell finds me
Without a word, the end comes to me
I think my heart was surprised to send you away without any preperations
It came without a word.

after a year i still post it back, but that time at 12 Dec 2010 and now on the xmas of 2011
i remember i post it for another one, but now i only realise i doesnt love the one at all.
is kinda stupid said that now. but what am i trying to said is 
stop hurting the one you love, tell it loud that you love him/her,
dont wait until you have lose it only regret 
what can i do now is forgive,waiting and forget

Thursday, December 22, 2011

a last post about u

yesterday still happy about posted my 4th anniversary pic and today we broke up...
force myself not to cry but i cry in front one of my friend *okie la is fon*
forgot about that. this the last msg or what ever to u...
i dono y a couple there still loving each other but end up broke up like this...
mayb am not important to you, too lot of mayb that make me lost you.
i angry is because if u wanna ditch me like this y dont you just let me go when we broke up that time y...
thousand y in my mind...
and i get it this is y, mean that you does love me anymore hahahahhahahaha
and i know it in your life have another her...
sry out of control.
mayb you do care about your future and me too!
and it look like a drama * mayb i read too lot of novel*
but i choose a stupid way a damn freaking stupid way
i will wait u till u success in ur work or your study whatever...
if hve a thousand year i will
i dono about future but for now i will...
lets work out 2gether if we still love each other we will make it

i wont trust any guy anymore...
i though u different i though i will be with u forever and ever.
and am wrong... totally wrong...
i hate guy to hurt me and the ppl that i love the most did this to me


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

19 Dec 2011 4th year anniversary

19 dec 2011 is our 4th year anniversary so thanks baby bring me so much fun.
make me happy make me sad even make me cry la  T.T
so glad you are with me this damn 4 years. 
A lot of thing happen but i still glad you are still here with me.
sry for what i had done in this pass few year and thanks for your forgiveness
i think god will forgive me too *with a big smile face*

okie am so lazy to edit all of the pic !!!!

thankqiu and love you baby
from you little cute baby Caro

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST & DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

Want an Iphone 4s? Wish to have it? 

yes! after all Iphone 4s are here in Malaysia. And Digi now free an Iphone 4s to one of the lucky nuffnanger. All you have to do is separate blog post with the 2 title:

♥  Why is DiGi’s iPhone 4S plans the most affordable, with the title ‘DiGi iPhone 4SURE MOST AFFORDABLE’.
♥  Why do you want the iPhone 4S, with the tile ‘DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME’. You can even submit a vlog for this one!
♥  What is the first thing you will do with the DiGi iPhone 4S with the title ‘DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST’.
♥  Why Siri and DiGi are your best companions with the title ‘DiGi iPhone 4SURE SIRI ANSWERS’.

The 1st title that I choose is the 1st thing i will do with the Digi Iphone 4s is TALK TO SIRI.
Why ♥
-hmmmm siri is a good program for those person who like me dont so like to socialise,suck or even afraid of socialise.When you wanna tell some secret to other and you dono who should you tell with, you can tell siri. It is a better choice to tell someone that always tell your secret out or laugh at you after you telling your secret out. And siri can make you happy too like this :

When ♥
-when am lucky enough to win an Iphone 4s or when am afford to buy it as well :)
How ♥
- By nuffnang. Win this then i will get one.
Where ♥
- When the Iphone 4s send it to my home. If am the lucky one.
What ♥
- what i will talk to siri is CAN I BE YOUR FRIEND?

The 2nd title that i choose why do i want the iPhone 4S?
Iphone 4s is good for you when you are too free,boring and nothing to do. You can play lots of game example like angry bird rio, cut the root and extra. And now Iphone 4s have a new program call siri. So what is siri?
that is one of the reason that i want Iphone 4s. the other main reason i want it so much is am a apple fans. Am so jealous about thouse who have an i phone T.T am want it too. Since am came from a very poor family so nth i can do to buy an Iphone or any apple product for myself. And recently i has been frustrated by finance problem and make my mood down and down so i wish god, nuffnang and digi let me win this and make me be a happy girl and finish one of my wish target in 2011♥

This is some info about Iphone 4s

for more detail
 hope you enjoy my post~
contest end 28 December 2011 at 11.45 pm

beauty credit green nail polish review

sry for delaying going out for some trip and now am back <3
yes this is my currently left hand nail :)

 Price ♥

What i like ♥
- the colour look soft, and easy to create cute style

What i dislike ♥
- hard to dry
- not that smooth to apply

6/10 love the colour but not that like the texture maybe am too noob for it

yes went movie with baby and we watched 2 movie in one day @.@ so damn crazy 
but anywhere kinda enjoy it~

story ♥
is about a nuclear war. IMF trying to stop this war and someone keep trying to interrupt them.

Rate ♥

story ♥
is about everybody celebrate new year eve and every single meaningful story about it.

rate ♥
10/10 is a damn meaningful story not everybody have the happy ending but life still go on.

Friday, December 16, 2011

OPI nail polish Planks A Lot review

yes this is my currently *RIGHT hand* nail
yes this time i did different nail with both of my hand and 2moro i will post of my left hand nail
hehe :)

Price ♥
RM30 kinda cheap though

what i like ♥
- easy to apply
- texture kinda smooth
- dry faster :)

what i dislike ♥
- the smell * i think all of the nail polish smell is kinda same*

Brought from ♥
- website

true or false ♥
- i am not that sure but checked it is true
*if not tell me pls ^^*

Rate ♥
- 9/10 brought other brand too and you cn see the different, it good and easy to apply but the problem is kinda hard to apply some lighter colour like light pink, light purple... maybe is my problem so pai seh la = =||| that is all from me will do a tutorial post soon ♥

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tony Moly eye shadow review

price ♥
-from kelly so not sure the price

what i like ♥
-actually it stay quite long from 9pm to morning 5am because i apply it to club and it stay until i back home~
-the colour look nice
-and it kinda easy apply

what i dislike ♥

rate ♥
-8/10 is hard for me to find the eye shadow that suit me so am kinda happy when get this product from kelly.