Sunday, September 25, 2011

win win win

hi everyone!!
i should share my happiness to all of you...
  am win a giveaway from Kelly.
is unbelievable :)
am really win it 

i will do all the review about lashes n skin product :)
so be patient to wait ya 
this is the 1st present after am 19 years old 
wish tat miracle will always happen n make me to become a happy gurl la 
lastly have to thank to Kelly 
thankquuuu <3

hmmm having one week holiday
n my holiday is packed with assignment n business
n n n n 
keep my fat away 
trying my best ady so hope tat i will success

update soon ~

Friday, September 23, 2011

uncle jang - korea restaurant

haha food again :)
yes korea food this time...
actually i ate serve time but kinda lazy to do review of it
so this is the N time i came here 
so have to share this out with all of you.

near tenji. up stair of d'king
puteri puchong too

not that good. you can see on the pic

*for the main course
one person 18 for non-spice 
22 for spice
you can add on some noodles, rice, udon etc... charge for RM6 to 8.

 i love it so much :)
whoever like to eat korean food pls do try this more that korea BBQ 
coz this is more cheaper n full that korea BBQ
fall in love with the spice 1.
n the spice 1 is better la.

am satisfy with it


ok la promise all of you will post some beauty review soon~

Thursday, September 22, 2011

F**** ***

yes im always the one who did wrong...
fed up...
yes when talk something about ur friend, u will said ur friend always didnt do anything wrong...
in ur heart ur friend was a god damn king
i didnt said that ur friend are wrong, i jz said mayb
know the word mayb?
everything happen for reason.....

i though i am a happy birthday gurl
the fact is im not
it doesnt any meaning n for me anymore......

Monday, September 19, 2011


i dono y no mood at all those day
live like a no life student...
n i jz cant do everything well
i can fin all my paper for drawing but didnt have any one that i can pass up.
mean i mess every drawing up...
n i started to worry about my CGPA really..
am not a clever student mayb i cnt do

no friend, no life, no money n even have to suffer in everything
this is how my life is FML

Sunday, September 18, 2011

bz week

having a hectic week
busy with assignment & business....
hmmm by the way going to start business soon so pls support me ya :)
n yes birthday coming but i dont feel like celebrate my birthday hmmm mayb coz of.....
birthday should be happy rite? so be happy
i promise will update soon k?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


is time to do some facial now
Elemis will be the 1st choice of mine
located at some where around rt pastary puchong


student price RM48++
adult RM200++
1st trial RM38++ *if im not mistaken
of couse am getting the student price wan la
n every time elemis will do some promotion :)

depend who are the one who serve you.
most of them are friendly la
them open from 11a.m till 8p.m at night
you can call n ask more detail

sry for the wiredo pic la

Thursday, September 8, 2011

tenji 2

2day will like to tall about food...
am so damn hungry going to die for starvation T.T
back to topic

tenji is a place that selling japanese, steamboat, malay( for buka puasa), chinese n western food
so is a buffet shop at puteri puchong
beside the giant there.

ok with it 

is cheaper that any other buffet that i ate be4.
55++ for one people at weekdays

not that variety choice, n some of the food not that fresh

some how their service is better compare to others


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

table light . shoe

This is one of my assignment :)
design a light with any bulb any type you wan.
so this is my design




is my light 

give me some comment to improve it 

actually i get my idea from Disney advertising 
remember the 1st or 2nd scene of a Disney movie come out a advertising of pixel bla bla
n the P is a table lamp. It can jump here n there
so y dont i give it a shoe :)
that is how i create my idea n this is the damn last min idea 
so hope you all like it~

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

after wedding

of cause not mine wedding la
is mine cousin
not that close with her n  didnt met her be4
she is younger that me 
hope that she will be happy all the way till she old 

so remember play safe.

Monday, September 5, 2011

a set of sponge bob

since i kinda lazy to upload my blog 
so upload a pic of set of sponge bob...
ok  that is not my collection is my baby collection - - 
haha k la will update soon 
*as soon as i can la*