Sunday, May 31, 2009

miss winki iu must be strong enuf to continue ur life...

somethings i wan to tell myself

'gambateh miss xin you can be stronger enuf to continue ur life'

ta is wat i can tell myself...
to become strong...
can any one tell me what can i do the next...
can any one support me?

yesterday have alot of thing happen between us "miss XIN & MR j"
we quarrel!
the 1st time we quarrel face to face...
(i wont tell it out coz this is the secret between me n he)
at here i will like to leave a msg to MR J somethings that i didnt tell you "MR J" be4~
y i always suddently will become emo~
it jz becoz sometimes i will feel left out and alone
i dono y i have tat feel but is reali....
iu make me feel im always alone~
i dont wan to tell it out cos i dont wan argue with you i dont wan add on ur burden~
maybe alot of things happen to me be4 so i will afraid,afraid to stay alone and let ppl left out....
i noe iu sek me,iu love iu maybe im selfish...
alway try to emo and wan iu tam me bak then i can feel im not alone...
i still have you MRj ...
sry...i didnt think of iu....sry... >.<,,,

before i run aways i stay at ur room...i though u will came and find me but iu didnt...
then i dicision to go...
but i didnt i go playground and wait iu came and find me....
iu call me and say 'iu didnt have money where iu wan to go?'
but iu did not expect tat time i left 3 ringgit i can go by bus but i didnt...
i didnt....

the things tat i do not wan happen was happen ady...
iu tell me iu will go kampar(dono hw to spell watever la) maybe next week...
i didnt think be4...
i though iu will go next year or after ur birthday...
this time is reali i will become alone....
i will lose iu maybe today tomorrow or the next day...
wat can i do without iu?
how i gona tell iu the things tat happen to my everyday?
when i onli can see iu?
and alot of question inside my heart...

sry i try to make myself dont cry when i write this out...
but i cnt becoz it make me feel breatheless....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

finish exam~

finish exam ady~
so what can i do in 2 week holiday?

tang tang tang tang~
the ans is ___________nth....T_T
(sot jor...maybe lo)

so today wake up early and upload my blog yeah ^^V

dono y those days feel like wan to shopping but no $$$ so how leh?
and mu mum always said with me
'go kitchen take a knife any patten you like it and go rob bank'
and i was feel like 'zha dou'
iu can see how swt is my mum...
continue about $$~~
dear birthday come....>.<, where i find money to buy present and celebrate with he...
who can tell me?
die now~

ok la wan go math tuition ady and go bank take $$ coz tomorrow go out with my gud gud frienz
"mei yian" haha next time intro her in my blog la

Monday, May 25, 2009


i love popteen ~
and i love yumi~
she so cute~
hope i can be like her ^^
(haha wont de lo)
arm how old is her??
she jz 17 year old
(same like me lo)
but she stop skooling...
(dono y lo~)
i will she will pretty everyday and me too^^
gambateh oo!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

japanese language^^

haha up load my blog now~
so bored nth to do then guess what i do?

go find japanese webs and learn japanese~
tat is all the word tat i found it

おはようございます ohayogozaimasu good morning (to teacher or bos)
こんにちは connichiwa hello good afternoon
こんばんは konbanwa good evening
おやすみなさい oyasuminasai good nite (before sleep)

and a lot lazy to list it out~
and i find a radio for learn japanese
hope you all will enjoy it~

Friday, May 15, 2009

happy birthday to baba and mama^^

happy birthday to baba and mama^^
love iu all so much~
the card i make myself (coz no time to prepare so got abit cacat la but them still like it)
*the flower gift by my sis~
at ere i wish them will happy forever
love each other forever
and stay last long forever and ever
(also for me and my baby j Xp haha)

today nth to do so translate some word to japanese
will iu all will enjoy it^^
(next time i will translate alot la)
  1. 私と結婚 marry me
  2. 私の夫あなたを愛している my husband,love iu
  3. 私はあなたの im yours
  4. 良いか悪いかどうかを私もあなたを愛し no matter is good or bad i still love you
  5. あなたは私の you are mine
  6. 僕はまだ君がブタの愛 i still love you pig
  7. 愛しています i love you

jz fcuk off~

im tried in my life...
y i must be the stupid wan....
fcuk it la....
wat cn i do?
wat must i do?
how do i do?

at last i dono...:(

Thursday, May 7, 2009

wat a hectic life...

for most of us in from 5 today,our life is to hectic to enjoy fully...

we need to study n has to have a extra tuition 4 get A's inSPM~

maybe failure has becomes a dirty word. so for the poor trapped soul (likes me) struggles to trying to prove themself. We try so hard to make a gud living that we have forgot to live.we does not enjoy our life anymore...when we aware it the time is pass through...our enthusiasm would turn to neglect tat is the life we having try to relex urself n enjoy wat iu having nw... maybe it willmake iu feel better all the time...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

pumpkin soup 南瓜湯

a teste of pumkin soup will make iu feel energy whole day~
pumpkin ,onion ,water ,milk,bread,butter,salt(to taste)

(1) use spoon to take off the seed n peeled it.

(1) 用湯匙把種子拿出然後去

(2) put the pumpkin into the oven, n oven for2 min.
*if iu not use Jepan pumpkin iu can skip this step

(3) cut the onion and pumpkin into piece.

(4) add the butter into the pan.
(4) 鍋子里把奶油加熱

(5) cook the onion until colourness(onion taste come out)
(5) 把洋蔥炒到變透明(洋蔥的甜味出來)

(6) put the pumpkin and water. cook until the pumpkin become soft.

(7) put the soup into food processor and processor it.
*the soup must under 40'c

(8) put the soup back to the pan.Add some milk and salt to cook it
*iu can put alot of milk if iu like,jz make ur own soup.

(9) if iu wan make some patten jz drop some
whipping cream at top of the soup and draw it.
make crouton~
cut the bread like the pic n gill it~
*iu can use white bread or whole wheat breaddepand on iu