Saturday, November 26, 2011

eyemazing & diamond lash review

yes! win those lashes at pearl & kelly giveaway :)

review for the top pair 1st :)

and diamond lash top pair too

upper lash

lower lash

look abit same = =||| cnt see much different 

yes pica time 

yes it is!
this is the easiest lash that i ever wear :)

it look good!
and i love diamond lower lash 
actually i didnt wear lower lash all the time
because not really know how to wear it and it look kinda odd to me
*maybe my eye problem*
have to learn from kelly or emy ady >.< hmmmmm
should ask them to do a *how to apply lower lash tutorial*

not that sure how much for eyemazing coz i get it for free 
*with hapy face*
but for diamond lash you can get it at online store for RM60 

where can get those lashes?
sasa maybe???
or you can check it out at online store :)

that is all from 2day 

Friday, November 25, 2011

about 2012

2012 is coming...
so hope that i can end 2011 with full of love and start 2012 with a better life :)
this is what am i aim to
1. Put more effort in study.
2. No more money worry.
3. Become popular. * so that i can earn more *
4. Become more pretty :) * that is wat all the gurl wan to *
5. Make more friends.
6. Blog often.

am so sad rite now...
feel like i doesnt put enuf effort in my study and assignment
maybe too lot of thing i have to worry about make me stress about it rite now
i hope am will be okie as soon as i can.
have to jump off all this shit and said goodbye.
night everyone~

Monday, November 21, 2011

assignment - modal house

this is what i rushing with recently..
i love it so much but kinda ugly 
sem1 student dont complain too much la hehe :) 

okie will update some review soon ~

Saturday, November 19, 2011

exercise ur face :)

actually just wanna share something new hehe 
*is not that new la*
learned this from popteen 
long long time ago but it kinda useful 
*i think*
make it as crazy as u can 
and just to pronoun
'A E U  I O'
*IS A JAPANESE pronoun*
that all






i know is kinda weird. 
sry for the ugly pic~
and this is the last one i always do 

look like a mouse rite?
hehe that all about 2day hope it useful to you and enjoy reading ~

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

D.I.Y hair colour review

yes am quit bz with my assignment recently and going having my 1st exam. 
A bit nervous la but still can handle with it.
back to topic this is my very very ugly picture showing u that my hair colour
is so so so so ugly actually u cnt see the colour in the picture exp the lower part.
coz i blondes before so you know la what will happen after blondes.

so decided to dye my hair again
where i brought this?
from IOI puchong one shop*forget the name*
and i choose it by my own :)
curious about the green little package rite?
hehe that one is for blonde coz am so so so lazy blonde it, make it easy 
mix all together 
*dono izzit okie or not*

the power is from the green little package package
and yes i choose dark blonde gold copper 6-57

the result of the colour

different lighting show u different colour
and i love this colour so so so damn much
it make me look whiten that before and abit look like korean 
* sry if am not hahaha from my opinion la*
any where it cause my hair a bit dry but overall it still look healthy :)
so hope you enjoy this post
will update as soon as i can!
wish me luck reader~

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sara Mari giveaway

yes Sara Mari having a giveaway now 
*y recently my post full with giveaway post no idea why = =
mayb i will feel happy when i win a giveaway :) 
n yes those day make me so so so so stress i wan to go iout and have a breath 
*run out with screaming face*
ok ok bak to topic
gurl go and have a look now this giveaway is until 1st of December
*thinking should i have a giveaway now to increase my blog reader or december 
any idea?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

wining giveaway prize from kelly

this is wat i get from kelly :) anywhere thank kelly :)
love it so much 
will do a review as soon as possible !

Monday, November 7, 2011

outfit of the day

dono what my mum doing there = =

the new outfit brought from Sunway <3 
love it so much
Tshirt - RM9 from brand outlet
short - RM59++ from nichi
shoe - nose 59++

Sunday, November 6, 2011


yes i do like puppy so much :)
since i cant effort it and take care of it 
decide not to buy until i get my own house and work~
some time when you not happy mayb puppy will cheer you up 
n i wish i have it now 
miss my friend puppy so much now
XIAO BB where are u i need you T.T
this post is more about personal 
those day i getting emo and emo
yes! argue with boy friend...
1st time i feel sad for so many days 
always my mood will getting well at the second days but i didnt for this time
maybe it too hurt, maybe it too sudden or maybe...
and i even cry inside the bus.. 
every time when we argue i w2ill be the one who said sry
not admit it am wrong *something am really did wrong*
but i jz dont wan to hurt anyone else 
i love u, i need u
but this time i didnt. i didnt even reply ur msg coz am dono how should i reply n nth i can reply
mayb your ex changed u to become like this 
how i wish i met you be4 ur ex...
everything happen with a reason same as mine too, i just want to talk nicely to u end up it will become like this
*u didnt admit it, started to fight back, *same as me* end up am cry am said sry, you dont wanna forgive me, 
 last nth changes* sometime i am the one who did wrong i admit it. after arguing i will started to think back, ok this time am really did wrong, but this wont happen to you. You always think that you are the correct one. know why my mood always get up and down is because sometime i really want you to care me more not shooting me or any thing else. Maybe you not that romantic person i guess, or maybe am too care about you. see-ing other couple change because of each other am so happy and envy about them. yes maybe am a burden to you but already started to give up. And your word hurt me a lot. 
dont worry i dont need it... 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


i noe is kinda random haha but hey jz wan to make more friends that all :)
chao update soon ^^