Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Japan Tokyo trip - food

back from japan :3
super love it
Japan is a nice place actually full of kind people, nice weather and yes full of handsome guy and pretty girl
have a plan that will go it once more or move to there 
depend what i can achieve next year
so have to work hard from now and lets see what i can achieve actually :)
so this post is about food next few post will be the place that i went

air asia bento~ teriyaki chicken bento~
quit nice actually and super expansive too it cost like RM13

soya milk and sushi ~ 
*i dono what it call on eng so i call it sushi =_=
soya 69 yen and 105 yen for the sushi
is the cheapest thing that i can found in japan i mean food~

chicken japanese sauces pasta 
if not mistaken it cost me 200+ not more that 300

dono what is that but just give it a try ~
not that like the powder but overall is still okie for me 
138 yen for this

i think most of the people saw this will like
WTF go japan and eat MCD really siao liao 
= =
actually their MCD is much more nicer that malaysia wan 
if you try it before you wont like malaysia wan anymore 
*with serious face*

prawn filet burger cost me 680 yen 
wow super expansive

curry un do
super nice leh~
actually their curry not that spicy and what make it spicy is BLACK PEPPER
must go any have a try~
200 yen to 300 yen

i forgot what it call name kinda long~
but is soba

mushroom soup from japan yummy~
100+ yen

some cake cost 210 yen~
not that sweet actually

  have miss out kinda lot of things actually 
lot of places that i found out i didnt go and give it a visit
kinda sad actually ~
but nvm i will be there some days like i told you guys up there
i will move there or maybe visit once more time
depend on what i have done next year
  japan is the place that i wish to go from minor till now 
*okie im not that old yet = =
and finally i make it even though super lot of things happen after i have bought my flight ticket
one things i learn from this trip is
if you deosnt dare to move a step forward you never achieve anything ~
stop here and will start to work on my assignment
enjoy you days guys 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

natural republic mango lip care review

recently have brought one lips care on nature republic 
yes is a korea brand 
so here my review

so as you see it kind of colorless and give you a glossy feel
 so it could act as a lip gloss too! 
and yes it have strong mango smell that make you feel super god damn hungry
yet it have SPF15 too 
it kind of moisture my lips and prevent crack for kind of long time.
coz i almost like 12 hours in air con room and  i dono what happen suddenly my lip have become sensitive and easy get cracked fml*
price wil be around RM16 to 18.
you can check out their malaysia web site too

rate : 8/10
so far it doesnt make my lip itch :3 and it wont have any weird taste *okie some time i will ter-eat it as well*
after i apply like 2 to 3 hours.

all from me 
so wish everyone have a nice days ~
and going to japan soon 
kind of excited 
stay turn for my japan trip post 

Monday, November 12, 2012

snow flake

hello reader :3
here is the review about snow flake
actually it open kinda long time ago and yet this is the god damn 2d time to eat this = =
sry for the out dating ~
actually i kinda like it super duper nice and it wont be that sweet actually 
you can have a try for green tea want super like it even i nt that like to eat green tea stuff 
 here is the shop that around IOI area

original ~


forgot what it is call ~.~
actually the bubble and the square little stuff is damn chewy 
better that chat time bubble = =
*coz chat time bubble some time doesnt well cooked~
price will nt be that expansive 
between RM4 to 10 IF nt mistaken 
here the link you may go and have a visit to know more information about it
and a video about it

so here from me hope you like it
have a nice days guys
and happy depa & holiday~

Friday, November 9, 2012

samsung galaxy ace plus

here is my super duper late post ~

recently have bought a new phone samsung galaxy ace plus so far so good about this fon
so here is come recently pic of me with my fon

ignore me pls hahaha
feel like showing the cute little sleeping pikacu but end  emmmm you see la = =|||
me without make up and skin turning better at list i treat myself super good
now what i left is someone who love me
so who wan to love me ? XP