Friday, August 26, 2011

work work work !!!

ok sry reader,
sry for letting my blog die-ing 
bz with all my assignment = =
n ppl having raya holiday n i have to started to due with my assignment 
becoz 8 assignment is waiting for me 
so no holiday for design student at all exp sem break
i guess no break for me too T.T
so upload some of my assignment pic 
yes this is the damn architectural lettering.
n i wrote until like shit - -
n one of my classmate did it like copy paste
should take a pic n let all of you see.
when i saw his work i was like....hmmmm
my wan really look like shit.
n one things that make me sad is out of 10 i only get 6
y y y?
so have to improve
try to get damn 8 mark for next assignment

my boi took this pic when i was fight with my assignment 

ok that all from me. hope that you guys can enjoy it Xp
for malay friend happy raya
non malay happy holiday :)

Friday, August 19, 2011


i will crazy becoz of my assignment 
one week due with 5 assignment T,T
y i have such a hectic life?
i wanna relax n blog T.T 
hmmmmmm sob sob
i think i should sell something to earn more income
who shud i sell?
any idea?
hmmm can comment n tell me :)
update soon

Thursday, August 11, 2011


is time to blog about FOOD~
everybody in Malaysia know that Ikea meat ball is the best
since i live for 19 years 
i havent been trying this famous meat ball till my baby bring me there = =

tomato spaghetti RM5+

Ikea meat ball with jam :) dono how much ady

my favor chicken wing yes forgot how much ady = =

omg i really forgot what cake it is sryyyy 

affordable! 5 dish add one mineral & soft drink
only 38 ++
yeah i didnt type wrong is really 38++ Ringgit Malaysia

everything is ok for accept the chicken wing
is too salty.
n the best will be the meat ball la 

quite relax at there.

it is self service

since they make my favor chicken wing so salty so i cut off the 3 marks

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

nail sticker tutorial

2day will like to do a tutorial for nail sticker 
 brought a pack of nail sticker it cost you like RM5 ? 
not so sure didnt buy be4 yet.
so now i will teach you how to use a correction sticker to function like a nail sticker.
correction sticker
nail polish 

is ok to use a used correction sticker
because it didnt affect anything
and it kinda recycle 

 this is my correction sticker 
kinda white hard to see it, so i circle it
* is tat call circle = = hmmmm

next draw what ever shape you wan with pen or pencil

after that, cut it out. or you may cut it into half.
saver :)

stick it at your nail. Now you can polish what ever color you want to your nail.
make sure that when you stick the sticker
remember do not left any hole on it. 
& after polish wait for sever min to let it dry it will make the surface nicer :)


hope all of you enjoy it 
is time to do  my research 
hope all of you have a nice day 

Monday, August 8, 2011

interior design

hi peeps !
hmmm i brought all my tool for making me to become more
professional * with a big smile
just kidding 
u guess how much it cost me?
180.90 must be ringgit Malaysia la
& 2 more things have to buy it
it also cost me like a boom = = 

so do some introduce of my tool 

it is the L shape rule 
* can imaging how long it is - -

the bag that easy for us to keep our stuff. 
it rm 50 and damn heavy 

rm5 for this 3B drawing paper

scale ruler

i not really know what is this 
but it is adjuster set square

all type of pencil mask tape n dono what tat call

so that all for my tools
next time i will upload some of my work.
OR my role play = =
have to act one of the Greece story
so stay tune :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

PearlyKelly giveaway

PearlyKelly having giveaway 

so this all the item tat she giving out :)
she will add more after her exam
keep update on her blog ya~

how to enter this giveaway?
1. basically have to follow her blog la 
2.share the giveaway on blog, facebook, twitter, & tumblr
3. leave the comment on this blog with her format.

so interesting ?
go n join it 
for more information 

Friday, August 5, 2011


research is driving me crazy = = have to buy a lot of tool to make me looks more like a professional designer & the damn tool are so damn expansive 200++ T.T my wallet keep bleeding since my damn ex company dont wan to pay me my salary on time . OK for update my info i have started my college for 1st week. n 2day am having 3rd classes. how was it? fun haha i love to draw so much n my lecture look so damn funny. i wish i can have fun in this class n my classmate since it only have 7 of us, so not really a big deal for me. hmmmm tat is all la. hope i can ace in this sem la! so trying my best. will update more about my course :) chao

Thursday, August 4, 2011

daiso eye lashes

sry peeps long time didnt updated my blog.
so now i will like to update about fake lashes again.

5 malaysia ringgit. brought at daiso IOI mall. EYELASHES brand.

sometime not really. it will like something went inside my eye 
n make my eye so pain.


started my 1st sem 1st week.
hope everything will be alright :)
going to update soon~