Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i think im not tat stronger tat i though~

this year reali alot of things happen~
but this month is the wrost~
i dono wat i cn do~
feel so lonely n alot of things waiting me to setter~
if cn i jz feel like stoping all though fucking action~
n do wat i jz wan 2 do~
but cnt~
haha but need to face it~
maybe too lot of things i noe between us~
i jz regret y i need to noe all bout this...
if not i can still happi still become the gurl tat i always be in front of u...
bt now i cnt i cnt...

Monday, December 7, 2009



Thursday, December 3, 2009

start working~

start working happi^^
cn earn money jor~
but no time to relax jor
so my friend wan find me go out msg me o^^
if cn tell me early la^^
must call me out o~
take k ya~

Saturday, November 28, 2009

long time didnt upload ady~

early in the morning feel free then cook sme food 4 myself~
ya mushroom soap~


20 nov 09
went ioi with mei yian

tat is wat i brought~

24 nov 09
go meet my bb n go take our dinner or lunch in korea bbq~
cos his 154~
n we when to walson n buy sme keep fit stuff 4 himself~
coz his 2**.00 dono hw much ady~
gambateh o~

when i bak hme take pic from bb cute leh~
i wish my skin can white like his~
but cnt la >.<

Sunday, November 15, 2009

bz day~

my cousin bfday cake~
i make it^^
those day bz doing cake~

hapi birthday 2 wei ting n lim urn
wish all ur wish will cme true~
13 nov 09

ke xuan birthday~

her mum n dad~

her cake~

14 nov 09
afther spm work at rt pastry home^^
with mt cosin~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


yesterday shopping with my b~
so happi but my b dai chu xua~
coz i spend almost 200 hehe^^
sry ya~

this skirt buy from melody~

rm 59.90

from top shop~
afther diskaun is rm 63....(4got ady~)

this wan rm 10 li lo~

super duper like this shoe
rm 69.90
but confortable 4 me la^^
coz my leg hard 2 buy shoe when i saw sme shoe nice n suit me then i will buy~
this one i buy 4 myself la of coz~
b sry ta always use yr money~
even though i didnt buy any pricely thing 4 u~
love u so much~

mei yian afther spm shopping ya^^

work day~

work 4 anlene 3 days~
tq 4 mei yian lend me her stuff~

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

give bak my popteen~

i though i can buy okt popteen at tesco but when i turn around
u noe wat happen?
my popteen let ppls buy ady~
i dono who buy it but cn u give bak me >_<

Thursday, October 29, 2009


selling muffin^^

uniform memories....

haveing cme photo at skool~

at class~

mei yian n cat

of coz my skol la~

cat n lok~

leng wai n jia ming

leng zai leh~louis~

boi n cindy~

finish class go 4 training~
work 4 anlene~

my uniform


like ar po izzit?


who wan to work part time job jz tell me...

i give u there num u msg the guy including



*work area


Monday, October 26, 2009


if a joke i also cnt tell wat a worth tat i live in this world?
i reali feel tried of all those sucks guy ~
wat i have done wrong?
jz izzit i tell a joke i also need 2 kena diu?
izzit every ppls doing there things i cn do n need 2 help u?

Saturday, October 24, 2009


this is my aunt baby almost 2 year old liao~
she so cute n so thing hua~
(i teacher her hw 2 post haha^^)

my mum take k de baby~
super cute~
he is a boy~
but got a bit like to cry la~
(when i take pic he didn move at all!!!!)

ye ye my baby~
of coz not mine one la!!!!
she is the most beautiful gurl tat i see~
big eye small mouth~
cn be a super star when she grow~
(coz she like to sing)

the last one


is me la~

(but im not baby la)

jz wan to show wat my b did to me~

u guess the shirt tat i wear is buy or wat?

the answer is he take his former shirt n make until like tat~

swt rite?

he say he saw a gurl in facebook did smethings like tat~

so he try to make tat~

sry 4 the pic la so ulgy~

Monday, October 19, 2009

17 sept 09

long time didn upload ady~

new day nt free~
happen a lot of things~
so i didnt list out la~
brought a new fon~
samsung star ok la nt bad~
*dont wan miss my fon anymore~

dono y i cnt upload pic lo~
so next time li upload~
sry ya^^

Saturday, October 10, 2009


love them so much~

so cute n yeng~
i dono hw many days tat i cn tell myself u are bz dont wan fan u ~
bt i reali cn tahan anymore~
i noe u so san fuu need to go on 4 ur work...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

spm timetable 2009 take from other ppls~


08.00-1015 bm 1
11.00-12.00 sej 1
14.00-16.30 bm 2


08.00-09.45 bi 1
10.30-12.15 bi 2
12.00-16.30 sej 2


08.00-09.15 mm 1
10.00-12.30 mm2
14.00-16.30 ICT 1


08.00-10.00 PM
14.00-16.30 BIBLE knowledge


08.00-10.00 MT 1
10.30-11.45 PSV 1
14.00-16.30 MT 2


08.00-09.15 P.PERAKAUNAN 1
10.00-12.30 P.PERAKAUNAN 2
14.30-16.00 LIT ENG , SAS CINA


08.00-09.15 BIO 1, SIC 1
10.00-12.30 BIO 2.SIC 2
14.00-15.30 BIO 3


08.00-09-15 PERDAGANGAN 1
10.00-12.00 PERDAGANGAN 2


08.00-09.15 PHY 1
10.00-12.00 PHY 2
14.00-15.30 PHY 3


08.00-11.00 PSV 2


08.00-09.15 EKONAMI ASAS 1
10.00-12.00 EKONOMI ASAS 2


08.00-09.15 CHEM 1
10.00-12.30 CHEM 2
14.00-15.30 CHEM 3


08.00-10.15 BC 2
11.00-12.45 BC 1

Monday, October 5, 2009

bian dang!!!!

4 my boi de bian dang~
cute leh~
b dnt like tat anymore k~
i noe u san fuu cnt finish ur homework u feel stress~
but u cnt like tat~
nt gud 4 health~
try to give u everythings tat i can give~
誰叫我愛的是你!!! Xp

y got a tree hanging there?

oh my god!!! wat happening??
y got a tree hanging there?

not tree lo~
tat is my parsley~
jz cnt finish it so hanging there lo~

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

19 sep 09

louis n me
mei yian n me

same Xp

xin yi n me

me (take at da tou tie there)

Out side da tou tie there!

my cake

me keng wai n mei yiian

mei ling m me

my cake! banana cake xin yi say i like to eat banana so buy this cake


waaaa... big nai cha ~

so yeng lo onli see her eye~

go kl with frienz
(mei yian,keng wai,xin yi,mei ling,louis, catherine)
so happu rar dat tq u all^^