Thursday, September 30, 2010

drama time

ok im too boring those days so keep spaming movie n drama~

finally.... oh god found some drama which is nice n wont be to boring (:

1st wan will be THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

nice movie

but story line abit bored~

so my rate for this drama is


2nd drama is DROP DEAD DIVA

i love it so so so so so so much

so my rate for this movie is


okie talk bout my life!

1st week we have to start darn lot of lesson = =

*dono y some ppl feel kinda free for not going at 1st week

if i didnt go for the 1st week i will die

coz of nutrition, japanese n food ingredent

some of us even started to do revision bout nutrition

kinda stress huh~

ya damn stress wat to do? T.T

ok tat all for 2days


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

jz feel lonely

jz feel like post out my feel tat all
i dono wth going on with me but i jz feel sad n lonely.....
n i dono who i going to talk to....
suddently miss fibie n mei yian so much even though somethings happen to us
n maybe we cnt be best frien like be4~
no matter wat happen them will stay beside me
n listen to me
i jz wan someone who listen to me n stay beside me
tat all i wan.....
i hate lonely n i hate sad
caro u must be strong enuf
if not how u going to live entire life?


dono y feel moody 2day
nth to do at kampar exp watching movie with com
dono when n why i started to relay on my com
maybe my life is bored :)
anywhere result came out i get all B
saw some of my classmates happy with their result
sme even get gpa 3++
congraturation to u all
n to the ppl who fail or have to resit thier paper
dont be sad u try all ur best n me too :)
it really hard for me to get all B
but i get it
maybe im not statify on my result Xp
should i be happy or sad?
happy for i get all B?
happy tat i still cn get my loan?
sad for i dono wat to do next?
sad for i didnt get 3++ gpa?
sometime i jz feel like nobody
nobody noe wat i feel = =
mayb im not a talkative person
n hard to express wat i feeling
haha alot of maybe....
started to miss everyone in KL
all my frien
regret y i make this dicision
regret i cnt spend more time to my family
regret i cnt acc bb when bb need me
life is full of regret when u started to make dicision
izzit true ?
ya maybe~

Monday, September 27, 2010


又有谁能给谁一个不变的承诺 ?
Love my baby so much muackkkk :)
i wish our relationship can n will last forever
eventhough im not a gud GF

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

present (:

those are the present tat bb brought for me
thank q so much i love it so much~
u guess wat he brought for me

ang pao tat bb mum n po po gave me (:
thank q so much

tang tang tang tang ~
tat is wat my bb brought for me (:


my 1st perfume haha(:

thank q so much (:
i love it
n thank for the wish from my frien (:
had a sweet 18th i ever had

Monday, September 20, 2010

happy birthday to me

half more hour
im 18th years old
im getting older n older
happy birthday to me (:
kinda sad no frien celebrete with me
exp bb ):
but is okie la used to it
ok happy birthday
i wish tat all my wish come true
1.i wan a car
2. i wish to study at KL
3. stay with b ever after
mayb tat is all i wan or somemore else emmmmmmm.....
life is hatic n full of suprise
i jz wish to stay beside someone tat i love
like family n bb
tat is all i have~
life is short i dono wat will happen to my dad n mum
in every moment
i jz wish tat in every moment n second i can be with them
tat is all i hope
i noe is hard for me to get a change 2 study in college
mayb i will regret it
but i dont wan regret it after them leave
love u all so much~
tq for gtive a life for me
no u no me
no me no bb (:

Friday, September 17, 2010

resident evil afterlife

damn chun la this movie but i kena scare alot of time = =
* sry lo dont like horror movie*
luckly didnt brought 3d ticket if not i cry ady~
n have alot of funny time with bb~
love u bb n some things happened~
dont be sad ya hahahahahaha (:
im not a gud gurl frienz haha
ok ok rate for this movie is
ok i brought nw stuff again
= =
new lens which cost me 50 bux
concealer n lips gloss which cost me
rm 8 haha yeah 8
2days have 2 go 4 cousin wedding sun too
but happy la can see all m cousin in the sametime
i like party so so so much
ya tat is all 4 2days~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

chicken trying new formula to change his skin XP

Chicken: Afther puting one day i will become more darker~
so grill me for 20-30 min depand on the size of me ~
tat is all bout me~
Caro: Afterall i dono wat will happen
u have to try yourself ya (:
n i'm not sure izzit nice or not coz i didnt try this be4 n
u shud use paparika not black pepper
thank to my mum who finished my paparika in dono how many week
so i have to use black pepper~
wish u enjoy ur days~

Sunday, September 12, 2010

my sweetheart~

ok is he!!!!!
my baby sweetheart he damn cute ~
dono how to said it but
love u so much baby~
u are the best thing i ever had~
*arm u are not a things la a human*
i wont let u go
love u n miss u
baby hau neng ~

Saturday, September 11, 2010

story bout mimi Xp

one day mimi hungry n try to find some food to eat!!!!

suddently she saw a big biskut n she feel happy~

1st time do something like this not so gud
but i hope u all like it
will keep it up (:
n try to make my blog funny ^^
leave some comment ya (:

my new stuff ♥

new item~

brought from colour


brought from daiso

i use as conceler to cover my dark circle
Rm 5

hair stright mechine

brought from ioi karess

Rm100 for 2 * one for my aunt n one for me

brought from elianto

red nail colour


tat is half of my new item

will upload more soon (:



wed 8 .9 .2010
watched pua chu kang
my rate for this movie
y i gived 5 marks becoz it is
quite bored
n i almost fall asleep

rate for this movie is
she is a gud actor although she is old
like her so much
story line quite nice (:


jz come bak from dono where
n brought a
tau fu fa tong yun
quite long didnt eat this dessert
yum yum (:

helped my sis apply fake lashes yesterday
quite sucess geh
but izzit look nice to her?

ok la didnt have any make up
n i jz helped her apply fake lashes
so will not be flawless

ok tang tang tang tang
my new shoe
brought yesterday
n guess who brought for me?
my lovely papa
hehe (:
he brought me new bra
*armmm no pic la
n i brought fake lashes
forgot n lazy to take pic
hehe im lazy (:

blue Eepro spot shoe (:
RM 38++
afther discount
RM 139
be4 discount
brought alot new stuff
will upload pic soon (:
miss bb
n dd love bb

Friday, September 10, 2010


this is wat i brought from
*armmmm dono when ady lo
coz me 60++
broken soon~

get a card from my cousin
her wedding card
she gona marry soon~
n my sweetheart also got one
haha he gona go~

tat is all for 2day chao~
will upload soon~

Sunday, September 5, 2010

sem break ♥

having my sem break nw
damn happy weeeeeeee~
i'm free
wanna go out call me anytime yeh baby (:
im broke nw
i think baby broke tat me coz he brought me a lot of thing (:
at here i wish to thank y baby so much~
thank to acc me eventhough u are tried,i own u too much~
but i will try my best to give u wat i have k baby :3

so yesterday when to 1 utama n ampire gallery
guess wat i brought?
i brought 2 shirt 2 shoe 1 bag n 1 hairband
i use almost 300 ++
haven include wat i ate ):
can said tat in 3 days i used 400++

broke nw
but anywhere i enjoy it
yeah realli enjoy it
n finally
tang tang tang tang
i found chacott yeaaaaaaa (:
n i brought 2 colour ~
if u wan it u can go this website n buy it
this own is gud enuf

oppssss ter balik ady timmm~
ok tat all for 2day
god u
n i baby J