Saturday, June 29, 2013

natural sky DREAM

just feel like posting some nice natural sky picture
 that i always share with my PICK friends 

when im frustrated sky will be the one who always clam me down ~
i love blue colour and i love how the sky look like...
simple yet nice~

is my job to make sure that im enjoy my life 
to get what i want
i know is nt much opportunity 

but i know this is nt the right time
to apply for it

at list not now

god always
love those who work so hard
to get something he/she want

no matter how hard it was i will try to get there 
the dream that im always dream of 
the air that i always wish to breath
the love that i wish to have 
because is my life

Monday, June 24, 2013

sponsor review Le Garment Boutique blog shop

finally im back mina :3
so here  review about clothes 
yeah is about a blog shop
 as you can see from the label below
they import cloth 100% from Taiwan 
but fashion from Tokyo 

good quality as you can see at picture above 

around RM 40++ 
*p/s but worth of it 

Shop owner
Friendly, on time 

my picture time

so click here for more colthes and information about this shop

you guys should go and have a look :3

this is all about today
thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it :3

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tao Japanese Type buffet

today will be some food review 
Tao Japanese Type buffet 

as you can see i keep on eating until i forgot to take any picture of myself and environment = = 
god damn it ~~~~
their environment kinda nice good to chill and 
their food are super duper fresh 
*feel like eating now*
one thing if you going with grandmum/grandpa who ever
who cant walk very well pls tell them while you booking,if not they will 
give you some place that hard for them to sit or take some food ~

hope you enjoy it :3

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lelan Vital Classic beauty Palette For lip and Eye review

another review for this week :)
Lelan Vital Classic beauty Palette For lip and Eye review

makeup below using this brand eye shadow and lip 

you can found this at Cosway 
i brought it at RM24 
the colour look great i mean for lip 
you know that is kind of hard for me to find some nice lips stick
so am kinda happy cause i found something that i can 
afford and nice 

have a nice day :3

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hajuruku summer fashion

is summer now 
am i right?
okie back to topic ~
 here are some summer fashion from Japan 
Hajuruku style 
pardon me if im wrong >.<

i feel like buying all of them what do you think?

P/S picture not by me