Saturday, October 24, 2009


this is my aunt baby almost 2 year old liao~
she so cute n so thing hua~
(i teacher her hw 2 post haha^^)

my mum take k de baby~
super cute~
he is a boy~
but got a bit like to cry la~
(when i take pic he didn move at all!!!!)

ye ye my baby~
of coz not mine one la!!!!
she is the most beautiful gurl tat i see~
big eye small mouth~
cn be a super star when she grow~
(coz she like to sing)

the last one


is me la~

(but im not baby la)

jz wan to show wat my b did to me~

u guess the shirt tat i wear is buy or wat?

the answer is he take his former shirt n make until like tat~

swt rite?

he say he saw a gurl in facebook did smethings like tat~

so he try to make tat~

sry 4 the pic la so ulgy~

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