Wednesday, November 11, 2009


yesterday shopping with my b~
so happi but my b dai chu xua~
coz i spend almost 200 hehe^^
sry ya~

this skirt buy from melody~

rm 59.90

from top shop~
afther diskaun is rm 63....(4got ady~)

this wan rm 10 li lo~

super duper like this shoe
rm 69.90
but confortable 4 me la^^
coz my leg hard 2 buy shoe when i saw sme shoe nice n suit me then i will buy~
this one i buy 4 myself la of coz~
b sry ta always use yr money~
even though i didnt buy any pricely thing 4 u~
love u so much~

mei yian afther spm shopping ya^^

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