Monday, February 7, 2011

banana spongebob n bvlgari aqve

i brought the mid wan :)
it really smell gud :)

jz brought a banana spongebob n bvlgari aqve for my bb valentine present
it make me broke :(
but wat to do~
so use my angpao $ to buy
n i fin all of it = =
geng leh
abit lo....

jz fin dinner with baby
having our dinner at 100'c
nt really nice but damn full^^
i totally broke nw
so no spending anymore ==
n i dono how to survive next month
ready to die

izzit wondering y i gave the give so early leh
coz my baby boo damn emo jz nw
wei liao make baby happy
so i gave the give early...
n my baby look like a kid when he get the give :)
hope u happy always
baby boo

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