Monday, June 18, 2012

blogshop & some update

yes bought a book sat and 2day :3 
kinda happy about it 
but one thing to said that,
book are freaking expansive nowadays 
that y i dont even dare to walk in to any shop that selling book >.<
coz i will wanna buy all the book that i wan
okie this 2 book cost me almost RM100
 broke = =

okie this is the blog that i selling some of my handmade stuff in cheap price 
do have a look

that is all for 2day 
will update a tutorial 2moro since i have been long time didnt update my blog 


  1. As much as I tell my students that they are not allowed to photostat the books, the still do so. The reason given is books are very expensive these days. I suppose I can't do anything much on this.

    I just checked out your blog and love some of the accessories. I need to go back when I am free to re-look at it. I am feeling very tired right now and need to take my time to again looks at the rings esp, the rose ones are really very nice.

    1. yeah is really expansive book nowadays :3 lucky i no need to buy much book in college~ thanks for loving it nava :3