Wednesday, October 24, 2012

not a simple life recently

suppose planning to blog tonight end up blogging now
have been long long time didnt blog about anything
sry readers ~
bz with college, work plus lot of bad things happened recently so decided to go travel
and yes will going japan next month ^^
hurray like finally have my 1st trip to oversea~
so who feel like guide me can left a comment as well :)
*got a feeling i dont think so have = =  LOL
sooner will post about how to apply visa to jap
wish it can help most of you who like me wanna go japan but kind of no idea about the visa~
so that all from me


  1. I was also wondering how come I did not hear from you for some time. I suppose other priorities are more important and blogging have to take a back step.

    Looking forward to your new styles.

  2. Hey Caro! I hope you'll still blog often. I've tagged you in a little campaign of mine called FIVE FACES TAG. I'd be really happy if you tried doing it :)