Friday, November 13, 2015

sharing post : Taylor R workout video

Hey ! How everyone recently ? 
Today wanna share something that everyone girl wish to know 
*i think not much girl like to work out like me LOL!!!*
I use to be workout a lot when I'm 15 to 16 but end up I'm giving up cause of my laziness

So far I haven't try it myself yet 
Cause I found out that i can't do it while I have a 2.5kg human being in my tummy 
sob sob 

So whoever try it out pls do tell me is it useful 
Oh btw the girl in the video is she cute 
Yeah I like her 
My new inspirate 😍

1 comment:

  1. Exercise of course good for health but me, another lazy one. But still in shape because I control my food.