Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 resolution

Happy new year everyone ;) 
wish everyone have a good and blissful year
Normally i didnt do any resolution note
But for this year i wanted to do it cause i hope that in the end of 2016 i could see
How and what i have been done in 2016 
*i know 2016 just started so fast think about end on the year*

1. Take care my little kitten well 
kind of suprise that i didnt complain about tiring, wake up in the night all that 
I guess i have gived myself enough time to prepare myself to become parents

2. Earn more money 
everyone know that economic in THE COUNTRY that i been stay for 23 year 
Is getting worse and worse *worse come to worse can i just immigrate 😭*

3. To become more patience 
If you know me well you will know that i didnt have much patience 
So have to practice more and more 

4. Of course i hope i can take care my husband well 

5. Be blissful for everything i have 

6. Able to travel to japan more often and make more friend
I know im social akward and i kinda afraid of meeting new people 
no idea why 
Maybe im not good in talking so might as well as just stay at home and reading 

And the last 
For sure blog more
Have been naglect my blog ages 
Hope i have more time to blog 


  1. Happy New Year and enjoy the parenting journey.

  2. Happy New Year, sweety *_*