Monday, April 5, 2010

mad day

5 april 2010

2day wake up at 6am going to shao mu~
in my family i am the one who didnt go pray be4
so getting alot memories at there n saw some of my cousin~
wish we all gud luck ^^
afther then tat, going to bank n make my public card~
stupid kanasai~
puchong jaya public bank brand suck~
agrue with the worker finally i cancel my public debit card becoz of the work problem
my 12 bux fly away from me nooooooo~
p/s to some worker
pls become responsible abit la
u are the one who giving service u must know clearly wat ur job bout dont jz say i dono tat all~
dono then ask la
money leh~
ppl spend out money to get the best service from u but u give such a suck face to let ppls see~
pls la use ur brain to think
afther spend almost one hour to canceled my card
going pyramid to shopping~
be4 tat i though i can watch a movie with my baby j but he sad got assignment to do nvm lo~

4shirt tat i buy didnt spend more tat 100 bux 80++ li geng leh~
n bring my little cousin play~

tat all bout 2day~
no no no....
somethings i didnt tell out!
mr j lee hau neng i dono hw to say la
i really got to get mad....
nw almost 10 u havent get home n do ur assignment n u didnt msg me becoz i didnt reply u
u noe my heart is breaking...
nt becoZ u didnt reply me
is jz becoz u didnt take k urself ...
everyday i try to sleep late jz becoz wan to chat with u bt u keep bz n i didnt say anythings
coz i noe this exam is important to u
when u tell me u planing go sing k with me mon but cnt on,i feel happy
becoz u tring to keep the time 4 me although ur bz...
glad to hear tat...
i though i cnt see u this week jz wan u to get ready ur exam.....
nw im reali down reali down can any one let me his or her shouder n let me cry....

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