Saturday, April 3, 2010


3 april 2010

i wish i cn go a place like tat...
full of lavander...
n u noe must have some important ppls at there la
*u now who ar u~

later going out with kim my x la~
abit nervous coz long time didnt see each other
hope i can enjoy my day la~
last miss u b~

2 april 2010

well my baby la~

end up with a sweet nite~

baby tq 4 given me such a sweet memories ~

be with u i really learn alot n have alot ...

although im still young bt i will try my best to follow ur step until the end of my life

ur beloved

31 march 2010


ice kacang

korean food

ling ling~
2day go out with ling ling(call u ling ling better la)
i go by bus she go buy taxi*so rich~
after we reach there we meet at basket robin
*tell u tat day full of ppls i though wat happen ar every
ppls feel like eating ice cream hmmm...
me ,ling ling
wan eat basket robin 2day got 31% oh~
ar... ok ok~
i seem so blur at tat time~
fin eating n buying
go hang gai with her lo~
saw alot cute stuf at the garden
*4got to tell u guy where i go...
ya i go mid valley
afther tat bout 9pm we li eat our dinner =.=
P/s for ling ling
noe u about 4 month ~
have a lot happy time with u
u ar the one tat i li can talk n tell u about my scret...
u ar the onli one who will listen wat i say *something shit...
tq so much~
hope u same with me la my ling ling haha^^
love u my friens

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