Monday, May 3, 2010

bak ere

finally bak to my home...
tq for giveing me such a memories bb
of course all the frienz tat go for redang la
redang is such a gud place for relax...
nw let pic talk for me

me n my bb

all of them playing game

tengganu bas station

kiss kiss XD

melvin kim n my bb
(lazi dum )

the funny guy tat i ever met
he make our days

u noe who is my model ?
melvin kim
so sayang this pic haha XP

anywhere i enjoy this trip even through i didnt go tour with my frienz be4
n this is the 1st time i go bleach...
need to pack my stuff ady gosh...
n mum cn u jz stop nag me
im tried (i mean mentally)
i need a deep deep breath...
p/s to my beloved hubby
b we have go through alot of thing...
n we haveing a lot of memories since we being togather
im glay to noe u when my world was gloomy,
u make my day to become colourful n full of happiness...
i noe take care of me is the hardest job tat u ever have
but u trying ur best to avoid me to get hurt,mood...
n when i come out some stupid ques u will reply me as well as u cn...
i dono hw u do this n u seem like super hero
in this trip i get to noe u more n more
n i get a lot of promise from u...
i love u my sweet heart~

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