Friday, May 28, 2010

college life

college life may be hetic or may nt~
i having my college life almost 3 week it make me feel finally
i have something cn do~
but at last it drive me crazy coz of somethings la
*dont feel like mention bout it~
finally may is going to and in those few day~
feel like time passing fast
n my 18th life comeing soon~
wat i cn do?
nth =..=

reali alot of thing happen trough me like have taboo by other
*choi touch wood
it obviously bring me alot frustration in the meanwhile i geting
stronger n courage to face everything!!!
i aware that im nt kid anymore i cnt annoy n feel fear to find somebody help
i must be confidence n independence~
n thk 4 the ppl we accompany me when i am down~

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