Wednesday, July 21, 2010

15th july till 21st july 2010 sweet memories

pic will uoload soon~

15th july 2010
happy birthday to my b
although got abit late to upload this post~
wish u all the best in ur study n good luck <3
i ady celebrete ur birthday 3 time i wish i can celebrete with u till 4ever :)
love u muackkkkkz~

16th july 2010
going out with wai lok cat kelvin and cindy at nite
meet at sake sushi~
quite long time didnt saw them
happy day ^^

17th july 2010
miss our train :(
cnt blame on others haizzzzzz sry bb use urs $$ again paiseh~
reach there almost 7++ pm
welcome to kampar darling :p

18th july 2010
planing to go ipoh but didnt~
nt free >.<

19th july 2010
sry bb let u stone at my room n face my com whole day
sry :)

20th july 2010
u are going to leave 2moro
can i jz ask u to stay?

21st july 2010
bb already leave me
i try to not cry but last still happened
but i ady try my best because my tear explode when i reach my room :')
full of urs shadow
full of urs smell
full of our memories
full of laugh
happiness and love....
nw i onli relise i cnt stick with u too long it will make me miss u more
tq for take k-ng me
tq for cleaning my room
tq for sek me so much
tq for the maggie
tq for the water
tq for the 10 bux and
tq for ur love...

I LOVE U darling <3
love u so much~

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