Tuesday, July 27, 2010


is time for me to sincere to the ppls tat always stay beside me~
especially my family
y i choose to tell out everything at here is because eazy for me...
im a gurl tat dono hw to communicate with other
a gurl tat feel fear in doing everthing
tat was me...

sometime i will reget y i cnt be the prefect wan eventhough nobody has been perfect be4
i'm not smart tat u all though
i'm not strong tat u all though
too lot of thing go through me when im in the growing age~
the age tat everybody enjoy their life
and those things make me breathless...
sometime my bester will ask me y u dont wan tell wat u wan n wat happen to ur family
izzit hard for u?
yes, it is.
recently i has been through a fraud...
the among them fraud out of my ability...
i dono how can this happen to me?
im not stupid at all but it really happened~
u noe wat i didnt tat time
i cry n i dono hw to face my family so i hide~
hide at my boi home~
and i remember tat time my papa was scolding me go bak dont wan go home~
wat cn i do?
nth i scare and i dono wat to do nxt
n i cry almost one day~
and involve my boi so much~

nw i will try to tell out everything like my lecture said
dont afraid to tell it out~
so dad and mum sry bout being lie to both of u~
i dont dare to tell it out so i always lie
and dad n mum i need a car damn farking much!!!!
it really inconvenient me without car
and u noe ur baby gurl dont like to request other
even though i like to request my baby boy
i dont like to study but i will try my best to do this~
and really too lot of presure from aunt and uncle
i will try to tell it out when i get home~

to my boy
i has been done somethings wrong when i be with u
so sry b~
i dono hw to tell it out at here
but really sry~

anywhere i dare to tell it out nt becoz of try to let u all forgive me
i jz dont wan to keep everything in my heart
because nw i li aware i miss to lot n lost to lot
and because sitll got ppl love me~

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