Friday, August 20, 2010


all i wan jz a call or some care from u
izzit hard 4 u?
i dono wat to do
i jz wan to express all my emotion out
then i can feel better....
mayb tat is true im jz a small part in ur heart
i noe i cnt acc u when u need me
as well as me!
u didnt even feel like msg or call me
when u are free
i try to clear out my time to acc u
maybe i need ppls acc me
but wat i get everytime is jz a shit
(sry pei li)
i try hard n hard to care bout u tell u wat i feel but everytime i didnt get any
respond from u
it reali hurt me....
u wont listen wat i say n wat i advice to u
i dono wat u feel when i nag u~
but it reali gud 4 u
it jz make me feel like y i cnt influnce u but ur ex can~
when u promise me something
i dono either i need to trust it or not?
i realli wan to trust it
but i cant
everytime i tell myself should not care more bout u
nw u like ur life so much
let u go
let u do wat every u wan
but everytime i get bak it jz a treated like a frien
are we couple?
or we are jz a friend?
izzit fair to me?
i noe im not a gud gf but i trying my best to become perfect
no ppl is perfect enuf
overall im jz a kid n burden
to u

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