Sunday, October 3, 2010

10 question

1. who is the most important people in ur life?
1st my dad
2nd my bb

2. Izzit ur mum n other not important to u?
nop them are still important to me
but not as much as the 2 man (:

3.Y ur dad n bb important to u?
because them love me more tat other n pamper me the most XD

4. Tell me a story bout ur dad tat make u feel wan to cry?
armmm.... it happend on this morning~
i dono how to said it but he really great to me
he jz tried to stay longers as he can with me although im sleeping
gave wat ever he can to me~

5. So now tell me a story bout ur bb tat make u feel wan to cry?
he always make me smile
but sometime i cry infront him
he will hug me n said
"sapo ku shen meh? bu yao ku liao sayang k?"
telling the true it make me feel more like crying coz nobody pamper me like he

eventhough my ex~
6. What is the best moment wit ur dad?
watching movie together
n when he telling story in the drug situation Xp

7. so with ur bb?
when we fight :)

8. Y ur best moment with ur bb is fight?
funny lo n he is cute when he fighting with me
of couse not agruing la ~

9. what is the most expansive thing tat ur dad n bb spend for u?
dad oh! paying my 1st sem fees i noe is hard for he but he make it :)
bb oh i think my birthday present gua ?
*izzit true?
but he spend damn lot of $$ for me coz he foster me :)

10. wat u wan to say the most to dad n bb?
i love u so so so so so much
i noe i didnt tell u be4 but thank
u getting thiner n thiner coz u have to raise us~
sry for always make trouble
thank gud k ya :)
the 1st things tat i wan to tell u is sry
sry for always wan u to make me happy
sry for my sarcastic
sry for always wan you to take k of me
sry for my egoistic
sry for a lot a lot thing
i noe maybe im jz a burden...
but i will try my best not be (:
love u so much ~

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