Thursday, September 30, 2010

drama time

ok im too boring those days so keep spaming movie n drama~

finally.... oh god found some drama which is nice n wont be to boring (:

1st wan will be THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

nice movie

but story line abit bored~

so my rate for this drama is


2nd drama is DROP DEAD DIVA

i love it so so so so so so much

so my rate for this movie is


okie talk bout my life!

1st week we have to start darn lot of lesson = =

*dono y some ppl feel kinda free for not going at 1st week

if i didnt go for the 1st week i will die

coz of nutrition, japanese n food ingredent

some of us even started to do revision bout nutrition

kinda stress huh~

ya damn stress wat to do? T.T

ok tat all for 2days


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