Sunday, March 20, 2011


enuf to me...
tried tried n tried...
haha wat to do...
tear going to drop any time start from nw...
i noe my mood swing likes the weather
dono y always did this to u
here i will like to say sry
mayb suffering will make one ppl mood swing likes weather?
dono for other
but yes for me la

dono wat to tell u
but if my care toward u is nth i wont care bout it anymore...
i noe u pamper me more tat other but some time
really sme time u jz make me feel like im nth to u...
everyone noe tat a little tiny things will mke a gurl tat love her boy so much angry n emo with it
but sometime i didn not show it out
coz i noe is useless
i noe im the one who hurt u the most
n sry for tat...
n i always regret n cnt forgive myself do such a fool things to u
if u dont wan me to nag u n all tat i will stop from now
ppl say if one gurl love u the most she will nag u but some time she will let u coz she
dont wan to see u suffer...

i noe u wont change anythings for me coz im nt the one
i knew it :')

jz dont wan my love pass away earlier tat me
n who wan to see their love pass away earlier tat themself?
no one like to...

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