Wednesday, November 14, 2012

natural republic mango lip care review

recently have brought one lips care on nature republic 
yes is a korea brand 
so here my review

so as you see it kind of colorless and give you a glossy feel
 so it could act as a lip gloss too! 
and yes it have strong mango smell that make you feel super god damn hungry
yet it have SPF15 too 
it kind of moisture my lips and prevent crack for kind of long time.
coz i almost like 12 hours in air con room and  i dono what happen suddenly my lip have become sensitive and easy get cracked fml*
price wil be around RM16 to 18.
you can check out their malaysia web site too

rate : 8/10
so far it doesnt make my lip itch :3 and it wont have any weird taste *okie some time i will ter-eat it as well*
after i apply like 2 to 3 hours.

all from me 
so wish everyone have a nice days ~
and going to japan soon 
kind of excited 
stay turn for my japan trip post 


  1. I go colorless too for the natural look. Love the mango flavor and hahah!!! just like you said, I probably end up licking the gloss too.

  2. Mhmm mango flavor!
    Cute product c: