Monday, November 12, 2012

snow flake

hello reader :3
here is the review about snow flake
actually it open kinda long time ago and yet this is the god damn 2d time to eat this = =
sry for the out dating ~
actually i kinda like it super duper nice and it wont be that sweet actually 
you can have a try for green tea want super like it even i nt that like to eat green tea stuff 
 here is the shop that around IOI area

original ~


forgot what it is call ~.~
actually the bubble and the square little stuff is damn chewy 
better that chat time bubble = =
*coz chat time bubble some time doesnt well cooked~
price will nt be that expansive 
between RM4 to 10 IF nt mistaken 
here the link you may go and have a visit to know more information about it
and a video about it

so here from me hope you like it
have a nice days guys
and happy depa & holiday~


  1. There's a snow flake nearby where I work but I have not tried before. I quite like Gong cha's bubble tea though its once a while. I like the last dessert as per your pic.