Thursday, March 14, 2013

akihabara 秋葉原 Japan

 yeah back to Japan post again :3
here is Akihabara
sry that i didnt take much picture of this place
 as you can see at the pic below 
yes its raining = =
yeah for the whole day~ so some of the places that i went at the same day no pic
hontoni gome~

actually you can see a lot of  arcade, manga book shop and electronic shop around there
and yes cheaper that other place la of course
and if you traveling yourself like me 
especially girl REMEMBER
if some manga book shop full of guy or some place that kinda hard to find 
and you found it sudden
 pls pls pls dont go in 
if not you will embarrass like me 
because those shop properly selling those type of 18++ manga 
something like porn 
 so remember T.T 
if not most of the boy i mean age around mine will looking at you like
WTF with this gurl = = 

so here is all from me hope you enjoy it ^^


  1. Have a Lovely Day,


  2. I looove Japan, I want
    to visit it someday c:
    Love the mangashop c:


  3. I wanna go to Japan! *A*
    I want to their arcade and manga store >u<
    I super envy youu~

  4. The last time i went the japanese girls also reading those 18++ one ler. and we are the one shy there. LOL

  5. Interesting to see what Japan has to offer. I also know that there are amazing types of skin care products. Did I see it in one of your pictures?

  6. i really want to visit Japan someday! it looks so amazing there :)

  7. Awesome post, my love.

    Thank you for your awesome words.



  8. i want go there too 〜 and tokyo♪
    hokkaido is still so bad weather!
    just snow and cold(;_;)
    nice post ♡♡♡ xx みっきー