Friday, March 29, 2013

Kamata 蒲田 temple Japan

i know am kind of long time didnt post anything 
and i have no idea y this month most of my post are about japan~
gome ~ T.T
really rush assignment until no day n night
 i dont even have time to check my phone
u can imaging that how buzy am i  :z
okie back with Japan Post
here is the temple that i visit while am at Kamata :3


actually you can recognize those temple in anime 
no idea how to make wish 
so i tried my best to replay back what am saw in anime 
i think properly i do it in the correct way la :p

At the offering hall, throw a coin into the offering box, bow deeply twice, clap your hands twice, bow deeply once more and pray for a few seconds. If there is some type of gong, use it before praying in order to get the kami's (god)attention.

this is what i found on internet 
wanna know more 


  1. Ancient and rustic place. Its like walking through many years back. Btw, hope you are taking enough rest in between rushing through your assignments.

  2. really great place!!!
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  3. Happy Easter, my love.


    Lots of Love,