Wednesday, March 17, 2010

mad day~

i dono y i have such a bro n family~
izzit im eazy to let ppls bully me?
y every ppls must dono tat to me?
i hate it~

to my family i dono wat i can say~
im going started my college life next next month~
everythings i need to setter myself....
i gona leave this home n everything from here~
my friend said" y dont u study at KL?izzit dont wan to see ur family?"
i jz wondering y i have a stupid idea in my mind~
far away from here i will be safe~ wtf wei~this is my home y my brain gain some idea like tat?
i love my papa i love my b i love my best i love this area
i will miss it~

i like her hair so much~

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