Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bad day

i feel sad~
sometime i feel like empty becoz i'm nt all the part in ur heart...
damn bad rite got the feel~
i dono wat he think wat he wan~
but everything he wont tell me n he didnt~
solve his self~
who am i?
i dont wan to be a burden like i reali cnt help on everything like im a kid~
ya maybe true im jz 17 (haven pass my birthday) everything i wont noe more tat he.....

pack mood~
sick ady~
next month didnt work....
quite happy~
can relax wahaha~
after tat i need to pack alot of things buy alot of thing....
going to kampar by may~
everything will change when i start my college~
hopefully it wont change alot~
so next month shopping gau gau gathering gau gau....

ya last i cut my hair~^^

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