Tuesday, March 16, 2010

16 march 2010

i stay at my *friend home for 2day~
i though i wont miss he
i wont have some feeling like don't leave me alone at ur home i will be scare~
but everything come out to me when he go~
i scare n i cry~

*p/s b love u so much sit infront ur com n type out my feel...
i can image tat u everyday sit at ur com n wait ur friend to chat with u
lastly u will feel dissappointed coz them didnt~
i miss everything in ur home full of memories~
those memories is mine
inside got everything we didnt...
i dono when we li can meet i dono when i onli can see u smile infront me,
act cute infront me,
kiss me hug me,
take k bout me,
talk to me,
n everything u did to me
i really miss all those time....really
b i dono wat make me cry~
i can image tat if u see me cry u will hug me n say
"sa po ku shen me?hai you wo ar!" :')

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