Sunday, November 28, 2010

bak bak bak

i'm bak~
boring saturday = =
watching darn lot of couple hug or kissing in front me
make me feel jealous darn much = =
dono y~
mayb i feel inane jz wan someone acc~
kinda crazy now
when i review bak wat i had done in this 18 years
i feel like i kinda crazy n bitchy....
ya mayb im~
i done alot of things tat make me regret~
do anyone really noe my pass?
i dont think so ~
no one
what is forever?
izzit any couple will till forever ?
ya mayb will mayb wont
i can tell you that 100% mayb 1 or 2% will
anyone wan to share some love with me?
or anyone wan to give his love to me?

crazy ~~~~

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