Wednesday, December 1, 2010

150 post

lol! my blog reach 150 post
is that all bout me~
nop i dont think so...
dono what wrong with me recently
really dono
can anyone stop those shit people n stuff out of my tried...
i feel like end everything like this...
i wanna give up everything tat i have now....
even my LIFE
dono what happen to me
suddently tear drop on my lappie when i started up my com...
maybe my eye wanna told me
"caro stop everythings. u cnt hander it anymore,
that is not urs... jz leave it n go...."
i dono y things are get worse n worse when i came kampar
bad things come forward to me one by one
oh god can i noe y?
are you angry me did so many bad things
or u jz kidding to me?
last n for all
i feel like im DIRTY enough
wat can i say is caro is not a gud n clear gurl
she dono how to cherish herself
n love herself....

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