Sunday, January 2, 2011

bbf's in kampar

ok im back to my blog ~
this post is all bout my good classmate n bbf in kampar hahaha
i wont list it out the name but i will replace it by num =)
the num will be the place tat in my heart
(although u are the last but ur are still in my list)
so guess which num are u Xp

can say tat u are a quite important person toward everybody
armmm sry to said tat me too :)
haha.... sometime u are funny but sometime u are not....
treat her as gud as u can
i noe u can do it n dont be too “固执” la!!!!!! sometime is gud u noe :)

hahaha.... when i think bout u i kinda wanna laugh dono y~
use to it be with u eat,gossip,lok lok, this n tat...
although i noe u bout few week but i like u so much
u are a gud frien n gud gf u try ur best to did everythings for he
n i noe one days he will feel it or appreciate it~
take k gurl miss u so so much~

the 1st impression for me is u damn lanC haha
when deeply noe u
u are not!u are such a gud frien :) happy to noe u sweetheart :)
same with 02 we use to be 2gether....
best friend forever *hug*
n ya take k urself n the guy u love the most =)

the 1st time we meet the 1st time u call me
every 1st time u did with me i will remember it~
appreciate wat u have now
i cnt be a part in ur story but i can be a listener listen all the story tat u having nw :) tat is the li things tat i can did it for u

u lazy n fatty boy...
without u without laugh..... dont go CC so much n dont smoke so much ah~
not gud for health n yeah dont wear too much lens lo~
u now wat will happen la hahahahaha~
alway remember the moment be with u

ya is u..... u noe who are u wat to say hmmmmmmm....
is kinda gud to noe u~
hope u happy with A n try ur best ya :)

sry ahhhh yesterday said u 五音不全 i noe u are not la :)
ganbateh in ur future i noe u can do it....
is kinda gud to noe u~
hope tat u can slove ur problem as soon as possible :)
ya i miss ur sound so much~
take k ya my friend appreciate every moment with u

is true without u without happniess
i noe u like my teeth so much
as long as u happy =)
do well in ur exam ya miss ya :)*heart*

somehow u like to bully me but im glad to noe u :)
hope ur eng can better tat be4~
take k ya *hug*

dono how to say u
but horrrrrrr u are gud n best :)
treat her as gud as u can
tat is all from me to u~

i lagi dono how to say about u~
can say tat u also noe me so well :)
sometime u jz noe me, acc me...
tat is u
do well in everythings ya
i trust u u can make it

ur name toward me is quite funny lo
miss u~!
can i have ur num?

nt really noe u la
treat her gud as well n dont always stay at home lo

dont lan gu duo duo lo
treat her gud as well n dont bully her....
she is a gud gurl....

u are a gurl the only gurl when we haven join in
noe is hard for u
but try ur best k *heart*

tat all about u all
u all are important in my life n yeh
u are the important one in my heart baby
lovie u
lee hau neng
must tag ur name out :)
coz u are the onlu one ♥


  1. If I'm not wrong, 03♥ was me right? You know who am I :) I'm the one who cheated you that I was at KL and you're innocent like trusting me that it's real. You're stupid my girl but ily ♥

  2. hehe yap tat is u =) hehe ya la tipu me some more =( sad jor <3