Friday, January 14, 2011


yeah i love BOA so much
she like being pretty n pretty
n i love to dance too =)
should i use my ability to earn some money hmmmmm still thinking ~

copy & paste BOA

other tat boa i love so much too~
coz u noe wat both of them wont act cute (eventhough i like cute gurl la = =)
other tat cute gurl i will prefer dancing type more tat cute ^^V
both of their dance wont be too gurl but bring a bit pop n lock

i'll back off so you can live better by G.NA

other than that, dress by teayang you up by BOA
3.without a word by park shin hye
4.hurricane venus by BOA
5.huh by 4min
6.take it slow by teayang

*u can find those song in youtube :)
quite nice
hope u all enjoy it~

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